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Lizzo performing

She Got Curves! Lizzo Displays Her Voluptuous Body In a Golden Swimsuit

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Alan Blake

Lizzo’s latest Instagram photos are saying it all about her voluptuous body. The pop star appears to have recently been out for a photoshoot at New Zealand’s Auckland beach. The artist threw a couple of photos on Instagram despite the heated controversy about her body weight. As if in her defense, she tags along with the photo clad in a yellow swimsuit declaring her self-love. She adds that she is beautiful and she can do anything. Her fans did not disappoint with one @justuswinter confessing how far he would go to be a grain of the sand on which the star poses.

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Jillian Michaels
Gettyimages | Tom Cooper

Jillian Michaels a celebrity trainer was on the receiving end over what fans termed as body shaming. Appearing on the BuzzFeed News show, the celebrated trainer paused to ask why people were celebrating her body rather than her music. According to her, diabetes was a possibility, and she admits it wouldn’t be a good thing. She confessed to loving her songs and said that her kids did too. Her statements on the show followed a significant social media backlash, which prompted her to clarify her statements a few hours later.

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

In her clarification on Twitter, Jillian said that all people are beautiful and equally deserving. She focuses on the health hazards associated with body conditions such as obesity, and seemingly means she meant all good about the health of Lizzo. Speaking on Extra TV, Jillian was apologetic for having pulled the music star into a controversy. Michaels wished she had clarified that she is not happy about anyone being obese. She noted that the current world has a thing for obesity, and termed it as risky.

Jillian Michaels
Wikimedia |

The trainer, who has been in the career for a couple of decades, holds that no relations or benefits exist on the body weight and beauty, value and self-worth. In her knowledge, she claims the body weight is a concern to one’s health, and ignoring the fact is not only irresponsible, but also dangerous. The expert who alleges to have repeatedly echoed the fact further indicates that people should love themselves enough and recognize the danger that looms with obesity.

Lizzo performing
Wikimedia |

Meanwhile, Lizzo could be silently having the best year of her life with her recent songs ‘Juice’ and ‘The Truth Hurts’ turning out to be massive hits. Her current nomination for Grammy Awards stands at eight according to The Advocate’s reports. She has recently offered in an Instagram story, what seems to be an address to the controversy saying, “if her name is on your lips…so is her p_y, b_...keep enjoying the flavor!” Lizzo seems done with the talks and all about minding her blooming career.

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