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Kesha and Big Freedia posing.

Here are 5 Upcoming Albums to get Excited For

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Trace Alan Salzbrenner

2019 has already been an interesting year for music releases. A new Justin Bieber single, Selena Gomez album, and Calvin Harris has stated new music will be coming from him as well. But, 2019 is not done with starting us on the right foot for music from all genres. There are quite a few albums that are coming out in the coming months to be excited for. So, here are five albums coming out in the coming weeks to get amped about.

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Pet Shop Boys – Hotspot

Pet Shop Boys performing on stage.
Gettyimages | Samir Hussein

Pet Shop Boys are an English synthpop duo that has an impressive number of albums under their belt with Hotspot being their fourteenth studio album. The six-time Grammy-nominated artists will be releasing their lasted collection if work on January 24th and the album will have ten tracks. At this point, it is hard to not expect the due to create something worth paying attention to and with the release of “Dreamland” and “Burning the heather,” the expectation seems well placed.

Kesha – High Road

Kesha performing on stage.
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Kesha has stated that this album tapped into the “unrestrained joy and wildness” that has always been a part of her and with words like that, how could one not be excited to hear what she has in store. The three songs that have already been released are surging in streams and being played everywhere which bodes well for the new album. This album also has the collaborators of Nate Ruess, Wrabel, and Ryan Lewis to make it more of a powerhouse.

Theory of a Deadman – Say Nothing

Theory of a Deadman on stage.
Wikimedia |,_Scala,_London_(17142449468).jpg

The Canadian rock band’s seventh studio album should be anticipated, not because it is sure to have amazing songs on it, but because of the composition and subject matter is noteworthy. Theory of a Deadman departed from their hard rock sound in their last studio album to create a more of a pop-rock sound that was met with mixed reviews. To add to that, the band has stated that the album will deal with domestic violence and racism. However, the songs already released sound shallow and needlessly surface level. “Strangers” is a particularly bad example of how racism should be looked at as it makes the “why can’t we all just get along and love each other” argument.

Louis Tomlinson – Walls

Louis Tomlinson posing for the camera.
Gettyimages | Karwai Tang

The time has finally come for ex-One Direction member to come out with their own solo album to show that they are able to stand on their own two legs. Louis Tomlinson is arguably the most forgettable of the ol’ boy band, but the songs he has released, while admittedly predictable, are pretty good. The songs are fun, emotional, and have the mass-appeal of One Direction with a new and better coat of paint. The production is great, Tomlinson’s voice sounds amazing solo, and there is no denying that the songs are good. All that is left is hearing the entire album that is set to release January 31st.

Tame Impala – The Slow Rush

Kevin Parker on stage playing guitar.
Gettyimages | Yuliya Christensen

The psychedelic rock project known as Tame Impala (recorded and produced by Kevin Parker) is releasing their fourth studio album The Slow Rush on February 14th. After an initial delay, because Parker stated that he needed to feel worthless again go produce music, the album is finally coming out. Each new track that gets released to tease the album has kept up the same hallucinogenic feel of Tame Impala while also feeling more polished. Together the songs make you want to sit in a beanbag chair and stare at a lava lamp for hours (if you know what I mean). The album could easily be one of the best albums released this year, not by a top 40s artist.

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