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Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne Changes Assistant Firing Story

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By Carolyn B.

Ozzy Osbourne has always been known as a wild and controversial pop culture figure. From biting the head off of bats (which he claimed to think were rubber at the time) to using large amounts of illegal drugs to ... snorting ants, the rockstar never fails to capture the world's attention.

Now it's his wife, TV show competition host Sharon Osbourne, who is drawing fire for some questionable actions. But these are a lot less "metal" and a lot more disturbing.

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Tell Us A Story


Sharon was a guest on the BBC's game show Would I Lie To You? last year. The show asks celebrities to tell a story that may or may not contain (or be made entirely of) a lie. Fellow guests are then tasked with trying to determine whether or not the story is true or false.

A premise like this sounds like it should be all fun and games. But the story Sharon told was so shocking it immediately put viewers on edge.

Hero For Hire

Sharon Osbourne
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Sharon told of a scary night in which her and Ozzy's home caught on fire, forcing the couple to evacuate. Sharon said she ran to the guest house to find their assistant ... not to see if the man was safe, but to tell him to help ... by rushing into the burning house to retrieve the couple's art. She also said she asked him to save their dogs.

The 67-year-old mum claimed she couldn't do this herself because she is terrified of fire.

You're Fired


Sending a human being rushing into a burning building to retrieve art seems very extreme. But somehow the story just kept getting worse. Sharon said the assistant protested her orders, prompting Sharon to ask "how very dare you" before reminding the assistant that he was employed by her.

Sharon continued to state that she and Ozzy laughed while counting their possessions. Their assistant then said he thought he may have damaged his lungs in the fire, prompting Sharon to fire him.

All A Lie?

Sharon Osbourne
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Sharon responded to backlash over the story by offering a clarification. She claims that the story was not entirely true and that her assistant was fired from his position 15 years after the night of the fire. Sharon said she added the bit about firing him "to be precocious" because it was a comedy show.

Still, this could imply that she did send her assistant running into her burning house, which is quite an issue whether or not he got to keep his job.

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