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Is Cardi B. On Her Way To The White House

Gettyimages | Pascal Le Segretain
By kenadijiba

The notably outspoken superstar Cardi B. might be on her way to Washington. With such an overactive personality that you can't help but love, Cardi B. has the makings of running a pretty successful campaign. She's got the assets of her immense popularity across all boards in terms of social media, and the music industry. She could also use her ever-growing influence as a future tool to run for congress and possibly win. Will she make the jump? By the public response and her tweets about going back to college and really committing to this, she might have a fighting chance. Not to mention the fact that she's had a public endorsement from Bernie Sanders and advice from the always controversial Omarosa.

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Celebs Entering Politics


Obviously Cardi is not the first celebrity to get into politics. With Trump as President there has been an opening of Pandora's box that might not ever be shut. Is this a good thing having famous people inside of the White House? Or do Americans just want business to go back as usual. Should it even matter what someone is known for prior to getting involved with politics. If they are someone who the public agrees with on certain ideals and they have the right levels of experience should Americans be more open to this new trend becoming the norm.

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Someone else who made a splash in unknown waters over breaking her image wide open and finding a new path towards being more educated, was Kim Kardashian. Her meetings with Trump over prison reform and assisting in freeing wrongly accused people had people conflicted. But, at the end of the day on social media people were supportive of her using her platform in order to bring up issues that affect struggling communities. When it comes to politics her husband Kanye West has also been cited as wanting to run for president, and his extremely public backing of President Trump had mixed reactions.

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Still, there has to be a united bonus over everyone growing in the education sector. By creatives proudly announcing that they are taking steps to get more involved politically and go back to college this has to be seen as a plus. For some the only inspiration they can find is the movie starlet. So, when that same starlet strives for these types of things we socially see as beneficial it can only push that fifteen year old who has no ambition to find interest in these stereotypical boring things.

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