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Will Chris Evans and RDJ Return To The MCU?

Gettyimages | Craig Barritt
By Mario Perez

If you happen to be one of the few people that have not seen the movie that was actually seen at movie theaters by more people than any other in the history of cinema then a spoiler alert is in order.

This article is going to reveal some pretty important plot points in the last Avengers movie. You may want to sit through the 3 hours of the movie and then come back here to find out was is going to happen next with some of the MCU's most iconic characters.

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Where Do We Stand Right Now?


After the end of Avengers End Game, both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr's characters exited the franchise in different fashions. Iron Man is killed in the final battle while using the infinity stones and Captain America goes back in time to literally re-live his whole life. That felt ripping off a band-aid! This, means that neither Evans nor Downey would be relevant to any upcoming movies.

Yet, there has been a lot of speculation that many of the upcoming movies in the MCU will feature plenty of flashbacks. That would allow them to reprise their roles.

The Upcoming Movies

From what is known at this point there are certain movies that could see both Evans Downey reprise their roles. Most notably in the upcoming Black Widow movie which ironically could also be Scarlette Johanson's last appearance in the MCU.

Also, Thor and Spiderman are going to be getting sequels to their individual movie franchises. As well as Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange character. All of these movies are coming in 2021. Of course, there are other movies in the works, but these are the ones that feature a cast of characters that was actually part of the Avengers series of movies.

Fire Yourself Before You Get Fired

In most of the interviews that RDJ has recently done where he obviously gets asked questions about his potential return, he has mostly stayed consistent about his non-return. He can be seen in the previous video talking about how he feels he has gotten a bit too old to be playing the role. Therefore it is better to "fire yourself before you get fired".

Yet in another recent interview, he said "We will see" to a very similar question. It seems that fans are going to be kept on the edge for years to come!

Chris Evans Has Echoed The Responses


Chris Evans recently told the New York times that he is also more comfortable walking away on his own terms instead of being forced off the set in a sense. It seems that neither of the two has seen how Arnold Schwarzenegger has been able to continue to play his role as the terminator into his 70's.

Yet, there is still a glimmer of hope that we see these two back. Especially with the Black Widow movie coming up. This was a character that was very attached to both Evans and Downey's characters in the film.

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