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Aubrey Plaza stands on stage talking into a microphone

Aubrey Plaza Reveals Whose DMs She Slid Into on 'Ellen'

Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi
By Natalie Hunter

Aubrey Plaza appeared on 'The Ellen Show' to promote her hosting gig for the Independent Spirit Awards. The 'Parks and Rec' actress revealed that she became friends with the Jonas Brothers by sliding into one of their DMs reported by HollywoodLife.

Plaza entered 'The Ellen Show' in a unique way. Instead of dancing like most of Ellen's guest, she was spotted making a ship in a bottle and then casually walked over to the couches. Ellen Degeneres and Plaza had some banter about the "boat bottle" crafting.

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"Her name is Plaza, and as a joke, we built a plaza for her. And you seem to be using it," Degeneres explained.

"That's where I live Ellen," Plaza joked, and when asked what she was doing at the plaza, Plaza replied, "Well I was finishing my bottle boat...and I was almost done. But it's fine. If you wanna talk right now, that's fine."

After showing Plaza an embarrassing video of her being scared on a previous visit, Degeneres prompted Plaza to explain how she slid into the Jo Bro's DMs.


Plaza explained that she wanted to get her sister the perfect birthday gift.

"My sister Renee is a huge, huge, huge Jonas Brothers fan...she wanted to go to Vegas to go to their concert,” Plaza shared. “So she called me and was like, ‘My dream is to go to their concert in Vegas for my birthday.'”

"And I was like, done!" the determined Plaza explained. "I'm gonna creepily DM Joe now that we're Facebook buddies, or Myspace, or whatever. You know. What the kids do."


Plaza sent him a DM that read, "I know you don't know me, but I want to take my sister to your concert for her birthday. Would you like to let us in?"

Plaza was shocked when Joe replied to her request. "So then he responded to me right away…and said, ‘I got you, girl. I got you in!'” Plaza explained.

Despite not getting any information about the concert, Plaza and her sister showed up to their concert in Las Vegas.


Plaza shared that she wore a witches cloak so that she would come off weirder than her nervous sister.

Plaza and her sister successfully got into the concert. They didn't just attend the concert, they got star treatment. “They were awesome. They got us right backstage,” Aubrey said of the Jo Bros. “And we became part of their entourage!... I don’t know why, but David Copperfield and I were part of the Jonas Brothers’ entourage for hours."

Plaza certainly knows how to use her star power for the right reasons.

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