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Kylie Jenner holding her daughter, Stormi

Kylie Jenner Expresses Her Love for Stormi in an Adorable New Pic

Gettyimages | Raymond Hall
By Alan Blake

On her 15th January post on Instagram stories, Kylie Jenner kisses her 23-month-old daughter in what is worth terming a ‘precious’ photo. According to reports, the two were headed for a photoshoot session and the girls seemed so ready for it. Stormi threw white shades on while her mom rocked in black shades, which gave them a fierce look perhaps for another shot. On that day, the pair was adorable with Stormi looking like an influencer. Probably some companies might endorse her as an influencer.

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Kylie Jenner and her daughter
Gettyimages | Pierre Suu

Kylie, the billionaire, was clad in a rare to find style, and her love for Stormi could not let her leave her bundle of joy looking any less. She had gotten some lounge shorts and a black tee with graphics for her. Her monogram bag and Cuban chain were also noteworthy. The photoshoot was, however, not all for the day. The billionaire later took her daughter to celebrate a birthday, which was understandably Chicago West’s. The ‘second’ birthday carried the theme ‘Minnie Mouse.’

Kylie Jenner
Wikimedia |

Stormi got a face painting-Mini Mouse, to honor the favorite Disney character of Kim Kardashian’s daughter. She managed to prove her artistic talent when the painting session came during the party. Her decision to take her daughter to the Mini Mouse party leaves her fans curious about what’s next for Stormi’s upcoming birthday that is barely weeks away. As Hello Giggles reports with photographic evidence, the billionaire loves to twin with her daughter as seen through her posts of matching outfits.


Cheat Sheet describes the duo as peas let free in a pod. Her closeness to her daughter is allegedly a result of the October breakup Kylie had with her boyfriend. Jenner is fond of posting videos and photos with her daughter on Instagram. Her fans' love for the little girl’s personality could be among the motivators towards the often posts. Kylie’s show off is however, not limited to her daughter’s character. She also throws a couple of posts perhaps meant to show their bond.

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, and Baby Stormi
Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi

Despite owning a busy multi-million empire that deals in makeup, Jenner always makes time for hangouts with Stormi. She never seems to struggle to raise her daughter alone, although she seeks nannies sometimes. However, Jenner remains hands-on when it comes to taking her daughter to local parks and private jet hangouts, as well as changing her diapers. Besides, the billionaire was recently spotted walking in the neighborhood with Stormi on a toy car. It was not their first walk-around and she takes no chances about their security. A bodyguard is always around.

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