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Robert Downey

What's Robert Downey's Burning Question for His Cat?

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Alan Blake

Robert Downey popularly known as Tony Stark, has a new role in the latest ‘Dolittle’ project. The star who has a natural love for cats can in his role as Dr. John Dolittle communicates with animals. His heart for cats goes to as far as him confessing that he would ‘kill’ for the two fur babies —Monty and D’Artagnan, that he owns. In a video that the star and his wife took with Architectural Digest, he admits that news about animal cruelty gets him teary.

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Robert Downey
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Downey’s wife Susan reportedly shared with ‘Men’s Fitness’ about how she has to keep asking her husband to stop posting their Kittens’ photos. The funnyman shares a funny answer in an interview with Fandango, about his first question to the cats if they could speak, which goes as “why do you wake my wife up at 5:30 every morning?” Downey further would want to know from the cat, Monty, how they would settle that situation. While Downey seems to be fond of Monty, her wife’s attention appears drawn to D’Artagnan.


Downey’s wife said she would pose a question to their other cat that is difficult to understand. In her opinion, as captured by Daily Gaming World, one can hardly read the cat. She further describes D’Artagnan as a shy cat, but a fierce fighter who would take down any other in a street fight. Her concern about the cat is getting to know if she is happy. The star who still got several projects after his Avengers Endgame, has a successful career in the film industry since the 1970s.

Avengers Endgame characters
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Although Avengers Endgame’s final eight minutes got labeled as the best in Marvel Cinematics Universe’s history, the New-York born star is rumored to have more in store. He is allegedly on a couple of projects, with ‘Black Widow’ being the most immediate. Robert Downey is also set to feature in the movie ‘All-Star Weekend’, and later the 2021 scheduled release ‘Sherlock Homes 3.’ His movie career will still be flourishing if the current reports about his projects will be materializing.

Robert Downey
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Downey who made his first appearance in a film at the age of five years is currently worth $300million. He has over the years accumulated wealth mostly through his acting career. However, Downey also has production and singing at his heart aside from the love of cats. His most handsome pay in the film industry came through after featuring in the Avengers Franchise. The lad will soon grow wealthier following his current projects and the OnePlus, a Chinese company, endorsement.

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