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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and baby Archie

Reports Say Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Planned Exit Before Their Son Was Born

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By Carolyn B.

The world has been turned upside down thanks to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's decision to forge a new life for themselves outside of the Royal Family. The couple recently announced their intentions to step down as "senior members" of the royals in the hopes of becoming financially independent.

New reports are saying the young parents may have had this plan in the works for longer than they let on. Sources indicate their infant son, Archie, might have been a big reason for the change.

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A Normal Life


According to an upcoming People Magazine cover story, Meghan and Harry had hoped to have a normal life together for a long time and started seriously discussing stepping down in the months before the birth of their son.

One source says the couple "knew they would hit the nuclear button" and had officially decided they would exit in May, the month Archie was born. Sources indicated Meghan wanted to change things up, and that Harry had agreed. Their focus then shifted to giving Archie a normal life.

It's All About Archie

Baby Archie
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These statements do line up with a recent statement from Queen Elizabeth in response to the situation. The Queen participated in a group conference call to work through the next steps. Queen Elizabeth indicated that the phone call was focused on her grandson's future and that everyone wanted to do what was best for baby Archie.

Meghan and Prince Harry had previously expressed their own desire to continue to "collaborate" with The Queen while still creating a more progressive living environment.

Blame And Finger-Pointing

Giphy | Wimbledon

These reports are much more positive than the typical public reaction has tended to be so far. Many social media users have accused Meghan of putting pressure on Prince Harry to force him to leave the palace. Accusers have called the Duchess selfish and fame-hungry.

There is a lot of evidence that the truth is quite the opposite, however. Headlines have been contrasted to show the very different ways Meghan was treated by the British press in comparison to Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton.

Keeping Busy With Charity Work

Meghan Markle
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Even in the midst of new parenthood and a huge lifestyle overhaul, Meghan has kept herself busy, plunging herself into her charity work. The Duchess' most recent foray into philanthropy will see Disney donate toward protections for elephants against poachers in return for voiceover work.

Reports have indicated that a proud Prince Harry may have gotten the job for his wife after a now-viral video was released of Harry talking up Meghan's talents to a very interested Disney chief, Bob Iger.

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