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Meghan Markle

Fans Give A Boost To Meghan Markle's Charity Cookbook Sales To Show Exit Support

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By Carolyn B.

Meghan Markle has been victim to a lot of finger-pointing and angry accusations -- in both the press and social media -- that paint her as the mastermind behind her and husband Prince Harry's decision to take a step back from the royal palace.

But that doesn't mean the 38-year-old mum is without fans of her own. Supporters of Duchess Meghan have been going out of their way to show the actor solidarity as she and her family prepare for their next stage in life.

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Food For Thought

Meghan Markle cooking in a kitchen
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In 2018, the cookbook Together: Our Community Cookbook was published to tell the story of a group of women who bonded over cooking and sharing meals following the Grenfell fire in 2017. Meghan wrote the foreword of the cookbook and proceeds from sales are being donated to aid victims of the Grenfell fire.

Sales skyrocketed after political commentator Damon Evans professed admiration for Meghan and encouraged her supporters to purchase the cookbook. Amazon has confirmed an increase in orders for the book.

Working For Charity

Meghan Markle
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Shoppers of the cookbook have said they want to show support for Meghan, feeling as if there are few options for the general public to take to aid in the family's transition at this time.

Meghan's fans will be able to repeat their supportive efforts when her currently unnamed Disney project is released. The actor has signed a deal to provide voiceover work for the House Of Mouse. Her salary for the project will be donated to protected elephants from poachers.

Husband And Wife Tag Team

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Meghan's Disney deal has gathered its own attention thanks to the adorable and/or controversial (people are divided!) way the whole thing went down. While Meghan chats away with the incomparable Beyonce, Harry was busy speaking with Disney chief Bob Iger, Prince Harry talked up his wife's talents, telling Iger she was available for voiceover work.

A video of the conversation was released, sparking debate over whether or not Harry's advocating for his wife was sweet or if this somehow undermined Meghan getting the job.

Financially Independent

Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan, and baby Archie
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Much talk has been had about how Harry and Meghan will get along as they make their own path. The couple has expressed an interest in becoming financially independent from the Royal Family. They have also hinted at finding new ways to remain involved in their charity work.

This method of creating art and donating the proceeds seems to be a very good way to remind the public that Meghan has a background in creative fields while maintaining said charity work.

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