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Eminem's Daughter is Now 24, Excited for a 'Busy' 2020

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk
By Alyssa McCraw

"HOW is Eminem's daughter this old?"

We seem to ask ourselves this every year...and sometimes multiple times a year. The first time we remember being shocked was when her high school volleyball pics made their way online many years ago. (They're hard to find now, but let us know if you have a link.)

The facts are the facts, though, and Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is 24-years-old whether we like it or not. The brunette beauty took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon with her first post of 2020.

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"2020 is definitely off to a busy start for me, but I'm feeling so positive about this year!! How is everyone else feeling/doing?" Her sweetly captioned photo has already garnered over 800 unique responses.

One user told Hailie that she was among the luckiest women on earth because of the excellent father she has.

Another girl said that, in 2020, she's "Looking to get into college! I'm old, almost 28 but I want to do something for myself." She was met with great encouragement from Hailie's other followers.

The first reply to the aspiring student was this: "You’re not old. If you think it’ll help you grow, do it." Several users reaffirmed the positive words: "[It's never too] late for education...go for it: Set and achieve your goals!"

(By the way, we couldn't agree more.)

Hailie (who could be her father's twin) was very vague about what these busy plans for 2020 entail. Her Insta bio says that she is "attempting to curate a feed that accurately represents my life and is somehow still aesthetically pleasing."


Although we can't report any inside info on the specifics of the upcoming plans, we can say that she is meeting the expectations of her bio. Her feed is filled with vibrant content of a somewhat-normal-but-glamorously-undertoned life. She's beautiful, her friends are beautiful, and she likes to do fun things.

For example, one of our favorite pics is the one above, Hailie is giving us super meta vibes staring into the abyss of the claw machine. The only thing that would make this better is if the little aliens from Toy Story actually appeared.

Hailie graduated from Michigan State University in 2018 with a degree in Psychology. Very low-key, Hailie told The Daily Mail that she was "on the Dean's List or whatever."

The magazine said in their post-graduation interview that "Hailie has little interest in becoming a musician and is more drawn to the beauty world, showcasing her makeup skills on social media." She's now pushing almost 2 million followers and counting.

With her influencer status solidified, what do you think Hailie has in store for 2020?

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