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Priyanka Chopra Admits to Never Watching 'Camp Rock'

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Alyssa McCraw

Consider the most influential young couples of Hollywood, and see if Priyanka and Nick make the list. They seem to be without a "celebrity couple name" (see: KimYe, Speidi, etc.) but that really doesn't matter.

The lovely Priyanka Chopra-Jonas recently had a great interview with Harper's Baazar where she opened up about her glamorous life with the second-youngest Jonas brother.

Yes, second-youngest. Let's not forget about Frankie Jonas, affectionately known as the "Bonus Jonas." What were his thoughts when he still wasn't asked to join that band during their 2019 comeback?

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Let's take a look at some of the highlights from Mrs. Chopra-Jonas' intimate interview.

We all have a morning routine. If you're like me, then your morning routine is not being awake in the morning. “The first thing I do in the morning is put on music," Priyanka says. "My life has always been pretty musical, and now with Nick it’s completely musical.”

Isn't that sweet? They really do complete each other. It was also music that brought her to him in the first place.

“I decided to date him after seeing the video for Close, where his shirt comes off. So that song is my favorite.”

Well, we can't blame you. Talk about a girl that knows what she wants and goes after it! But she also reveals what wakes her up in the morning - you know, the thing that makes her get up to listen to music in the first place.

"My dog, Diana, usually wakes me up," she tells the mag. Talk about #relatable.

Her evening routine is all about relaxing and enjoying the company of others. And just like us, she likes watching movies - however, her taste is quite particular.

"I hate watching movies I’m in; all I see are the faults. But I’m happy to watch Nick’s." Mr. Jonas, 27, has had a deeper forray into film the last few years. His most recent credits include the 2019 films Midway and Jumanji: The Next Level.

But there is one career-defining film that the wifey has yet to view.

Gettyimages | Scott Gries

"I’ve never seen Camp Rock, and everyone makes fun of me about that," Priyanka admits. "So maybe soon we’ll have a Camp Rock viewing party. I bet it will be great."

The best part about her reasoning is that she didn't give a reason. Did she just miss it, or is she avoiding it? My instincts are leaning towards the former - Priyanka is almost exactly ten years younger than Nick, putting her at a month shy of turning 26 when the first Camp Rock installment came out.

Here's to hoping she gives us an update after the viewing party!

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