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'It Was Self-Defense' Says Mollie Fitzgerald On the Alleged Murder of Her Mother

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Mollie Fitzgerald is popular for her role in "Captain America: The First Avenger," however, she is not popular on a murder case. The actress who was arrested weeks ago after stabbing her mother to death in Kansas, is pleading not-guilty to the crime. According to the actress, the only reasons why she did it, was because she was afraid for her life and was trying to defend herself. The actress was arrested on New Year's Eve after a call was placed to the police station


Speaking to the police about the incident, Fitzgerald mentioned that her mother was coming close to her with a knife in her hand, and her next instinct was to protect herself.

According to the police report on the case, Fitzgerald first tried to disarm her 68-year-old mother who was proving to be aggressive at the time, and this led to a four-time stab wound on her back. Immediately the cops arrived at the scene, Patricia Fitzgerald was found in a pool of her own blood with the knife still at her back.


Aside from Patricia's lifeless body, the medical department treated Fitzgerald on the scene after seeing small cuts on her palms and bite marks on one of her arm. She was also given a tetanus shot immediately to keep her out of danger. Although the police listened to what Fitzgerald had to say, things turned around for the actress when the forensics department came back with an autopsy.

According to the department, Patricia may have been the one trying to prevent herself from getting killed in the altercation.


The reports on the forensic evidence reveals that the deceased had deep cuts on her hands, bruising on the lip, face and neck. According to the department, these were definitely signs of defensive injuries.

Since the incident, Mollie Fitzgerald has been taken into custody and is awaiting trial. The police have also indicted the actress with murder and are still waiting on the go-ahead to start processing her for court. It is unknown when a hearing will hold, but till then, no one has said anything about when Fitzgerald will make bail.

Mollie Fitzgerald looks stunning in casual clothes and a glass of juice in her hand as she takes a stroll on a sunny day.
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Mollie Fitzgerald is not only an actress in the industry, as she is a writer, producer and director. She has also engaged in numberous crew jobs over the years and has earned her place in the movie spotlight. Although she took on a small role in "Captain America" she is still known as a profound actress.

Right now, no one knows what kind of argument ensued between Mollie Fitzgerald and her mother Patricia and there is no know history of health issues between them. Fans are still waiting on reports from the police.

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