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'Nude Yoga Girl' Gets Flexible In NYC – Naked Pic Goes Viral

Nude Yoga Girl/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

"Nude Yoga Girl" doesn't even have a name – at least, not to us. The yogi and social media sensation whose Instagram is fast racking up the followers keeps her identity hidden.

Anonymous she may be, but "Nude Yoga Girl" is getting her name out there. The blonde's recent Instagram update was even viral enough in nature for a media outlet to pick up on it.

If a nude snap on your phone isn't what you want the kids seeing, best keep them out the room. That said, this star's social media stays tasteful.

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A Big Stretch In The Big Apple

Nude Yoga Girl stretches naked in NYC
Nude Yoga Girl/Instagram

"Nude Yoga Girl" recently took to Instagram with a stunning black-and-white photo. The snap showed off the blonde's incredible balance and flexibility, also affording fans a reminder that her love of yoga has brought some muscle to the table.

"NYG" posed on her left leg and leaning forward. Her right leg was way up in the air forming a near-split as she did a balletic penchée.

The NYC backdrop (also geo-tagged) contrasted greenery and rocks where "NYG" was posing. Of course, the pic was a fully nude one.

She Asks A Question – And Instagram Answers

Nude Yoga Girl poses in the snow
Nude Yoga Girl/Instagram

A caption from the star addressed her 1 million Instagram followers.

"One question once a week... What would make you happy right now? ❤️," she wrote.

Fans have been responding – both to the question and the wowing pic.

"What would make me happy? A girlfriend and making amends with my son," one user honestly wrote.

"To feel like myself! a break..from motherhood wifehood and mutitaskinghood!😂," another said.

Remarks were also left about the beautiful photo.

"Having a flexible body like yours💖💖💖💖" was one comment.

"Stunning!! Again" was another.

One fan did amusingly wish for "chocolate with no calories."

Stays Anonymous, But Gives Interviews: How It All Started

Nude Yoga Girl in the lotus position
Nude Yoga Girl/Instagram

In January 2019, "NYG" was profiled by WanderLuxe. The magazine asked her how the Instagram account got started.

"I started my @nude_yogagirl account in November 2015. I found a new way to express myself by bringing all of my passions together," she replied.

"Photography, yoga and writing. It was just a spontaneous moment when I asked my boyfriend to help me try and take this kind of photos. After seeing them I though that even if I was nude the photos looked artistic. And that’s where it all started from…," she added.

Yoga Is The New Black: Miley Cyrus, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, And More

Miley Cyrus poses in shorts and a crop top
Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Yoga does, indeed, seem to be the new black. Celebrities galore are now engaging in the gentle exercise, with rarely a week passing without a major face taking to social media with a yoga snap.

Miley Cyrus is a giant yoga fan. Also a lover of yoga are "Catwoman" actress Halle Berry, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, plus "Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco and her slamming yoga body.

Possibly the biggest celeb yoga headline this year has been from Britney Spears. The "Toxic" singer engaged in a power bikini yoga session this month – you should check it out.

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