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Tom Brady Fully Cleans Out Suite In Gillette Stadium, He May Not Return

Gettyimages | Adam Glanzman
By Mario Perez

Cleaning out your locker room after an NFL season is nothing new. Once teams are eliminated from contention players will go back to the locker room and clean out their lockers for the year. Since they are probably not going to be back in the building until around April or May.

When you are Tom Brady you happen to have a suite in the stadium of course. Where his wife model Gisele Bundchen and their kids sit and watch the games. This is the area that received heavy cleaning. That is why eyebrows are being raised.

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What Is Odd About Cleaning Your Living Room?

Could this just be an overreaction by radio talk show hosts in the Boston area? Who, where the ones who broke the news about this deep cleaning. Yes, there is an argument to be made that this is just a way to try and draw more listeners to the show. The thing is this report is coming on the heels of multiple other reports about Brady wanting to leave. His contract situation is going to allow him to become a free agent and literally pick the team he wants to play for.

The Contract Is Up & The House is Up For Sale

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This whole season there has been a lot of speculation over what Brady's future was going to hold. There are two main things that got people talking about a potential move. Number one was the fact that Brady and Gisele Bundchen put their house in the Boston area up for sale. When you are selling your home chances are you are looking to move.

Something that was more telling than that, was the fact that Brady voluntarily opted out of the March he is going to be free to sign where he wants.

Talks of An LA Move

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If you happen to be a supermodel who's made millions of dollars you don't exactly think that Boston is the best city for you to be working out of. Brady himself is a California kid, so rumor has it the couple is eyeing an LA move in the next couple of months.

As far as Brady's football future goes the 42-year-old has given no indications that he is going to retire. If he is planning to change teams this wouldn't be made official until for at least a couple of months so it is a wait and see game for the foreseeable future.

Can Players Actually Own Stadium Suites?

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What many people find bizarre is that Brady actually owns a suite in the stadium and that he is cleaning it out. The truth is not most players are going to even own a stadium suite, to begin with. When you are the best player that the franchise has ever had and you play there for 20 years you probably get some benefits that other players won't even dream of. Who knows maybe the suite es going up for sale as well. That could be the final clue to admit that he is leaving.

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