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Meghan Markle

Will Meghan Markle's Celebrity Status Earn Her Big Profits?

Gettyimages | Samir Hussein
By Alan Blake

The world is keen to note what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be up to after their withdrawal from the royal family. Meghan Markle, who was an actress before her royal life has caused a lot of speculation with reports suggesting she could get back to her acting career. One of the possibilities seen about the actress is the benefit her celebrity status could accrue to her family. The film ‘Suits’ where the star featured last was one of her highest earnings, bagging a whopping $5.4million.

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Meghan Markle, who is also regularly involved in charity, is reportedly up to a Disney deal. She plans to have the elephants of Botswana benefit from a Disney donation in exchange for her voice over. The full details of the project are, however, still scanty. While the speculations talk about the possibility of Meghan returning to the film industry, the duo could also take the lead of the Obamas. Prince Harry and Meghan could, therefore, become the next big television and film producers.

Giphy | Suits

The British noble, Julie Montagu, claims she foresees Meghan’s return to her acting career at Hollywood. She expressly declared to be a hundred percent sure that her returning was actually under negotiations. reported that the duo was working towards achieving financial freedom However, Montagu assured that even though Meghan would return to acting or adopt film production, it would not be soon. According to her, Meghan and her husband have a couple of issues to sort out first before getting into the industry.

Meghan Markle
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According to a report by Daily Mail, the couple’s celebrity status could get it to the top as the highest-earning couple within the next few years. The report suggests that the couple could pocket as much as a seven-figure fee for event turn-ups. The earnings could even be much higher, and the highest in history if the two are to retain the royal title. As brand ambassadors of industry giants such as Apple, the two could make tens of million dollars in a year.

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Although the celebrity status has a direct benefit in Meghan Markle’s career path, the royal title may not work out miracles for their financial freedom dreams. However, with the royal titles, the royal family would still exercise some control over how the duo are using the titles if the couple will not hold to their Megxit decision. Erick Schiffer, who is an expert in brand and reputation, however, believes that Hollywood has an enormous pull on Meghan, and she is set to command the industry soon.

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