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Victoria Beckham

The Mastermind Investment That Has Made Victoria Beckham Super Rich

Gettyimages | David M. Benett
By Alan Blake

Renowned businesswoman Victoria Beckham’s fame dates back to the 90s when she was still active in the Spice Girls band. Back then, the girls' group recorded a couple of hit songs while touring the world. The girls' group had formed uniquely. None of the girls were friends and only came to link up after selection in an audition. From then on, the group spent the better part of the years practicing. The five-girl team was taking the music industry by storm. They finally hit their last nail to conquer similar groups through their movie ‘Spice World.’

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Spice Girls Performing
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Beckham’s ladder to fame faced its first set back when one of its members, Halliwell, decided to leave the group. Her decision preceded constant fights and strict schedules. The group was ultimately disbanded in 2000. However, 2007 marked their comeback year. After the disbandment of the pop stars group, Beckham shifted to business, where she has been making quite a fortune. Reports indicate she has multiple income sources, although the Spice Girls band membership has been one of a kind for her.

Victoria Beckham
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Going by the recent reports, Beckham earns from the band to date, and it is still her most lucrative deal. The group had made a brand over which they all took control despite breaking the band up. The image rights and music have since been earning well for them. Beckham has, however, not been active since 2012 during the Summer Olympics. Despite her decision, the successes of the group still earn her handsomely. She does not want to tour around with the group, and a report published by The Mirror attributes her fashion business’s success to be the reason.

Giphy | Spice Girls

The girls’ 2019 tour earned them $78million, from which Beckham still had a share. Speculations intimate that Victoria did not take home the same amount as the rest, although reports claim she pocketed some million dollars. With the yet growing popularity of the group, it is clear that Beckham still expects more dollars in her bank account. Her net worth currently valued at $450 million is expected to proceed with its upward trend in the coming years as long as she is still entitled to the band’s benefits.

Victoria Beckham
Gettyimages | David M. Benett

Although the Spice Girls Band is the best deal of her life, she seems to have a shining star in the business world. Her celebrity status notably opened her path to business partnerships. She partnered with several stores in the clothing industry and eventually unleashed her cloth line. She has since been a fashion fixture since 2008 and even won the designer of the year 2011. 2019 has also been an up the ladder year for the once pop star, seeing her unveil a line of her beauty brands.

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