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Lisa Vanderpump May Not be Done with 'RHOBH' After All

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By Natalie Hunter

Former 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Lisa Vanderpump revealed that she may return to the show. While she wasn't a part of the 'RHOBH' season 10 filming, she may eventually rejoin the franchise.

Vanderpump left the show in the middle of filming season 9. She had been accused of being behind a controversy referred to as "puppygate." Co-star Dorit Kemsley had adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs and returned the dog soon after. The ladies accuse Vanderpump of selling the story to Radar Online.

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Vanderpump left the season on bad terms with each of the cast members. While it doesn't look like she'll be returning any time soon, she may return when most of the cast has phased out.

“I can never say never about anything, but I don't know. It’s not what’s in my radar right now,” she told Entertainment Tonight in regards to whether she'd ever come back to 'RHOBH.' She then commented on whether she knew of any behind-the-scenes details for this upcoming season.

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“I just hear a little about a hookup situation,” she responded. "But I haven’t heard much about it all. No comment on that one! I won't be [watching this season.]”

Recent rumors from US Weekly have speculated that 'RHOBH' cast members Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville have hooked up in the past. Glanville told the castmates during a dinner that she and Richards got together. Richards, however, is denying these claims.

Vanderpump also spilled on the drama that fans can expect during this season of 'Vanderpump Rules.'

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“I had a hard time this season because I lost my mother right in the middle of shooting, which was a shock after just losing my brother,” Vanderpump said on her experience this season.

“It's a very convoluted, complicated experience and it has been for many years," Vanderpump said on filming the show with her young cast. “So, they kind of struggle to grow up. A lot of the time they get it right, but equally they get it wrong this season. It’s very divided.”

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“But it’s a great season,” she added. “And, we’ve got great new cast members which changed the dynamic. It’s a lot of fun, but also there’s some very poignant moments too. It’s a very real show. That’s why I think it’s been so successful -- it’s authentic. These relationships have been around for years.”

'Vanderpump Rules' is currently airing season 8. The show revolves around the servers, bartenders and managers behind Vanderpump's restaurants Sur, Pump and Tom Tom and their tangled relationships.

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