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Kim Kardashian stands up at Lakers game cheering

Fans React to Kim Kardashian's Claim that She Wasn't Booing Tristan Thompson During Free Throw

Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky
By Natalie Hunter

Kim Kardashian has been known to knock down any men who have hurt her sister, but that is not the case this time. Kim Kardashian a Los Angeles Lakers game with hubby Kanye West. Tristan Thompson plays for the team. When he went to do a free throw during the game, Kim stood up from her floor seat and yelled out something. Many fans believed that she was saying "Booooooo!" However, Kim claims that she was actually standing up to cheer Thompson on.

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"I was there to support him!" Kim tweeted according to Pop Culture. "And was cheering screaming LETS GO TRISTAN!!!!! I would never go boo anyone. I don’t go to hate, only to cheer!"

Thompson and Khloe began dating in 2016. Their relationship developed quickly. After meeting the family at a Kanye concert, the couple got pregnant. Thompson was spotted cheating just days before she gave birth to her baby True. He then cheated again earlier that year with Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods.


Fans took to twitter to react to the news of Kim booing Thomspon.

"Only at a Lakers game can you experience something extra other than basketball. Kim Kardashian was booing Tristan Thompson last night, Christmas had the Kevin Hart stuff, and then Lizzo’s ass was on the jumbotron😂. #LakeShow," a twitter user joked.

"I would have if he did my sister like that," one fan wrote.

"And if she did, so what? I'd boo him too lol," another added.

"I hope she did lol," a third chimed in.


After Kim announced that she was really cheering on Thompson, fans tweeted supportively.

"We all saw what happened, and we all know you will never take your responsible husband to a Game just to boo your Nieces daddy...stop explaining to them, let them look for another headlines.... God bless you KimmmmY!" one tweeted.

"It was clear in the photos you were cheering him on! You even posted him on your IG stories. They are so lame for that 🙄," a second wrote.


Others were disappointed that she hadn't actually booed him.

"I could not support a man who did that to my sister..lame," one wrote.

"This is more disappointing than If you were booing him 😂," another added.

One fan used the opportunity to call Kim out for being hypocritcal.

"My only question is.... why would you go out of your way to support Tristan, yet still give shade to @jordynwoods??" the fan asked. "Tristan is a serial cheater whereas Jordyn just made a naive mistake. I hope you give her an open arms welcome back as your family did him."

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