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Social Media Divided on Vince Vaughn-Donald Trump Handshake at College Football National Championship Game

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By Zachary Holt

The 2019 College Football National Championship game between the LSU Tigers and Clemson Tigers was held on Monday night in New Orleans, Louisiana, with countless celebrities and important figures present to watch the action. Some of those people included the Wedding Crashers and Old School actor, Vince Vaughn, and President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania.

In a video that was released, Vaughn is speaking with President Trump and Melania in a private box, seemingly exchanging pleasantries and a handshake. As a result, people all over social media platforms have either been condemning Vaughn for even associating with the president, while others, albeit to a lesser degree, have come to his defense. Suffice it to say, though, that the situation has been a highly contested topic of debate amongst people on the internet.

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Social Media Irate for Vince Vaughn Spending Time with Donald Trump

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The video in question was uploaded by a former Deadspin employee, Timothy Burke, who captioned it with "I'm very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it," foreshadowing the public outrage that was sure to ensue. It wouldn't take long for people on Twitter to directly attack the 49-year-old actor for associating with President Trump in a friendly manner.

One Twitter user was in total disbelief that Vaughn would be shaking hands with the president that they deemed to be destructive for democracy and the entire world. "All of you saying calm down, Vaughn is shaking the hand of the man who is hell-bent on destroying not just our democracy, but our survival in the world community, for his personal benefit. Wake up," they wrote.

'He's a Mediocre Actor in Bad Movies'

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Another user on Twitter lamented the fact that Vaughn was spending time with the president and then lashed out against Trump, calling him a host of names ranging from 'traitor' to 'rapist'. "Shame to see Vince Vaughn so casually sit with a known traitor, terrorist and rapist with a smile on his face... but then we know how heavily shielded Trump is from any human being with a spine, so it's probably not too shocking," the user angrily wrote.

President Trump wasn't the only one who would receive attacks from people on Twitter, though. One social media user went directly after Vaughn, calling him a 'mediocre actor' and 'a jerk'. "Who cares about Vince Vaughn? He’s a mediocre actor in bad movies and pretty much a jerk. It all kinda fits," they posted.

Some Twitter Users Came to Vaughn's Defense, Political Views

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Not all people had something critical to say about Vaughn and Trump interacting in the private box. Others came to Vaughn's defense and criticized the left making a big deal about an actor socializing with the sitting president. "How dare an American take advantage of a chance to shake hands with a sitting president lol horrifying display. Already burning my swingers and wedding crashers vhs's," the user wrote, referencing some of Vaughn's movies.

Yet another user commented on the perceived double standard of the interactions between Hollywood and the former president, Barrack Obama. "Triggered by an actor taking the time to talk to our President. The tolerant Left at work again. Banning Vince Vaughn movies over some chit chat. Sad and pathetic. Don't remember the outcry over Hollywood fawning over Barack and Michelle," they posted.

Calling Out the Double Standard of Hollywood's Perception of Presdents

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It's not widely known that Vaughn is a libertarian and doesn't readily associate with ideas that are strictly based on the Democratic or Conservative party ideologies. Regardless, a Twitter user was quick to call out the ridiculous standard that all of the Hollywood elite must be a democrat. "Trying to understand why people are upset about Vince Vaughn. He is Libertarian, votes mainly Republican. So is he being harassed because he is an actor and you can’t be a Libertarian in Hollywood, that you have to be a Democrat. Hypocrisy at it’s best," they commented.

This is not the first time that a celebrity has received backlash for associating with a conservative president. Recently, the Ellen talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, was seen sitting with the former president, George W. Bush, at a Dallas Cowboys football game. This, of course, created its own controversy resulting from the varying opinions on gay marriage and the laws that President Bush passed to prevent unions amongst gay people.

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