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Hannah Brown

Did 'Bachelor' Producers Force Hannah Brown To Return?

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth
By Sarah Veldman

Despite all the action that went down in that windmill on their fantasy suite date, Hannah Brown sent Peter Weber packing in one of the more gut-wrenching breakups during her Bachelorette season.

Now, Peter is looking for love again, or for his "co-pilot" as everyone keeps saying for some reason. Viewers (and obviously the other contestants) were shocked to see Dancing With The Stars winner Hannah Brown get out of the infamous black limo and stride toward Peter as if she was just another woman joining the show.

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There Was Speculation Hannah Would Join The Show

Giphy | The Bachelorette

Speculation was rife that Hannah actually would be joining the show, especially after the trailer producers put together to throw viewers off. It appeared Hannah was simply returning to give Peter back his wings in a sweet gesture.

Peter told People, “I had no idea she was showing up and it caught me off guard. The whole wings thing, her giving that back to me, I really loved and appreciate it.”

He continued, "And then I knew she wanted to kind of host a group date later on so I was really stoked to have her do that and everything you guys saw was not expected, that conversation. That was just really real raw convo that had to happen with us and really emotional. It brought back feelings and I couldn’t hide those.

Hannah and Peter Had An Emotional Conversation

Giphy | The Bachelorette

Obviously things didn't go according to plan, and the pair found themselves in an emotional, and vulnerable conversation about their past relationship.

They started the conversation on the season premiere, and the second half was shown on Monday's episode. Though they continued, their talk, nothing seemed to be resolved between the pair, and things were left a bit up in the air.

Peter told the cameras afterward, “I wanted to kiss her, yes. That’s what I was feeling. That’s what I wanted to do. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that we broke up, so I guess it’s okay to feel this way."

Well, considering you have 30 women competing to become your fiance in just a few short weeks, it's probably not all that great that he feels that way.

He continued, "I probably didn’t handle this the right way today. I’m trying to figure out what the hell my heart wants, and I’m just really scared that I’m not where I need to be for this.”

Hannah May Have Been Forced By Producers To Appear

Peter Weber
Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON

Now, it appears Hannah may not have gone on the show voluntarily. Bachelor alum Melissa Rycroft has claimed she thinks the producers may have forced Hannah into appearing.

She told Us Weekly, “I would 100 percent imagine producers made her go back on. And I think that she was in an emotional state."

She continued, "We all know she was on Dancing With the Stars at the time. But I also think that she found herself now with Peter, who she did have a really great connection with, and now Peter’s the big deal of the moment, everybody’s there for him. And I think she let all of that lead into, ‘Maybe I made a mistake.'"

Hannah May Have Been Embarrassed By The Appearance

Melissa Rycroft
Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Melissa also claimed she believes Hannah might be a little embarrassed by the conversation now. Bachelor producers are known for creating drama (most likely the reason the alcohol tends to flow so much on night one), so it's not surprising they would try to stir things up.

Host Chris Harrison spoke about the recent episode and conversation at the Television Critics Association. He explained, "First of all, it was supposed to just be kind of a sweet, sincere, 'I want to give you your wings back.' And then it was supposed to be fun and light for her to come back on the date. We did not intend on (them) really sitting down and having a talk. But then it all really dissolved into what you saw, this gut-wrenching, raw emotional talk."

For now, it appears Hannah and Peter are done, and she won't be appearing on any more episodes, but in Bachelor Nation, we never say never!

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