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Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie Gives Her Thoughts On Sexism In The Film Industry

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON
By Sarah Veldman

She recently appeared in the movie Bombshell, a story that couldn't be more of the moment. It delves into the sexual harassment scandal that exploded at Fox News.

Before taking part in the movie, Margot Robbie claims she didn't know what it really meant to be sexually harassed.

In an interview with The Herald Sun, she confessed, "One of the lines that shocked me when I first read the script was that sexual harassment includes any unwelcome sexual advances. I didn’t know what sexual harassment was."

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She Was Nominated For Her Role In 'Bombshell'

Margot Robbie
Gettyimages | Tim P. Whitby

Margot was recently nominated for an Oscar for the role in which she plays FOX News producer Kayla Pospisi.

The actress spoke about the role and how difficult it was to play, especially a scene with John Lithgow who plays Roger Ailes.

In one of the most uncomfortable scenes in the movie, Margot's character is asked by Roger Ailes to lift up her dress, and the actress recalled shooting that in an interview, saying, "We were equally disturbed by what we were portraying, and it is obviously a very uncomfortable scene."

She Appeared In The Recent Issue Of Glamour

Margot Robbie
Gettyimages | Pacific Press

Now, The Wolf Of Wall Street star has appeared on the cover of the digital issue of Glamour magazine alongside her Birds Of Prey co-stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Rosie Perez.

In the interview, Margot talks about her difficulties dealing with sexism in the movie industry as a producer.

She claimed that while she doesn't often have sexist comments directly stated to her, that she experiences it on a more subconscious level.

This would make sense, considering the actress takes on more of a lead role when she is wearing her producer hat.

She Talked About Sexism Within The Movie Industry

Margot Robbie
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

She told the publication, “It’s naturally ingrained in people – even if you are the one who should be dictating the decisions – that they turn to the closest, eldest male in the room and direct the question at them."

She continued, “It’s just an inherent thing everyone has got in their DNA."

Margot has produced some big hits, including "I, Tonya" which she starred in, "Terminal", and recently "Birds Of Prey."

The actress and producer is completely right, and many women in high positions experience this on an almost daily basis.

She Often Feels Like An Imposter

Margot Robbie
Gettyimages | LOIC VENANCE

She explained, “When people are asking the question and I have the answer and they so readily will turn to my producing partners, who are guys, and will ask them. ‘It’s a finance thing so I will ask the guy.’"

Clearly, Margot is making waves at a time when women are rising up and taking their place in positions with more power.

She concluded with an explanation of something a majority of women feel, that of feeling like an imposter and dealing with self doubt. When asked what she would tell her younger self, she said, “I would want to tell her, ‘you are actually good enough.'"

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