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'Dog The Bounty Hunter': Moon Angell's Son Arrested After Baby Lyssa Reportedly Tipped Off Police

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By Clark Sparky

The drama around Duane 'Dog' Chapman, his alleged new girlfriend, and his daughter, Lyssa, got even more intense on Tuesday. According to police documents obtained by TMZ, the son of Moon Angell -- the alleged new girlfriend -- was arrested for violating the terms of his probation.

But it gets crazier: It seems Lyssa was the one who turned Angell's son, Justin Bihag, into the police for alleged drug and alcohol use.

After the arrest, Lyssa took to Twitter and wrote, "Nothing like a good dose of JUSTICE. One down, one to go."

"There will never be another Beth! Get rid of that gold digger she’s so disrespectful. There’s a code of friends. She should be ashamed. Beth was beautiful your dad is going backwards. I am so sorry your family has to go through this," one fan replied.

"I just read about Justin’s violations and visit from law enforcement. Yet, you're the problem? Exactly how does that work?" another asked. has more details on the relationship between Chapman and Angell:

Dog's relationship with Bihag's mom, longtime family friend Moon Angell, has been the subject of some serious ire on the part of Lyssa and stepdaughter Cecily, both of whom have accused late Beth Chapman's former assistant of moving in on their father as he grieves the loss of his wife in June. Dog and Moon have both denied having a romantic relationship, saying they are just friends, but Lyssa has been quite vocal about her opinion of Angell, calling her a "disgusting woman" on Twitter in December.

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Lyssa has repeatedly bashed Angell on social media. "Any person who moves in on a man weeks after losing his wife, who you were supposed to be a 'friend' to, Is the lowest scum on the planet-Which for you wasn’t that far of a step down from where you were before," she wrote in one post. "God will get you MARY !!!"

In another tweet, she wrote, "If someone who met your family by dating your brother, tried to date your father after your step- mom died what would you do ? If you went to your mothers closet and saw she moved all her clothes and replaced them with her own, what would you do ? #ItsNotWhenOrWhyItsWho.

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