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Beyoncé on the red carpet

Beyoncé Once Turned Down $6 Million for a Performance, but Came Out Ahead in the End

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole
By Joe Allen

Beyoncé has been one of the most successful music artists on the planet for over a decade. She's an incredibly talented performer and a gifted songwriter, but the singer has also proven herself to be remarkably adept at making smart business moves.

In 2015, Beyoncé was asked by Uber to perform at an event and offered $6 million in exchange. Getting Beyoncé to perform at your event certainly requires quite a bit of cash, but the ride-sharing company made a generous offer.

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Beyoncé actually turned the offer down, though, and her reasoning proved that the singer is always thinking about how to expand her empire. Instead of taking $6 million in cash, the singer asked for $6 million in Uber stock. She wanted to have a stake in the company, which has proven to be a brilliant business decision in retrospect.

Uber was still a private company at the time, although they had already become a well-known brand in major cities around the world.


When Uber finally did go public in the middle of last year, Beyoncé's stock was reportedly worth $9 million, an immense increase over the $6 million she was initially offered.

This is far from the first time that Beyoncé has made a genius business decision that looks even better in retrospect. Her decision to drop her 2016 album "Lemonade" without any promotion beforehand had many scratching their heads initially. Eventually, though, the move seemed genius after the album was certified Platinum three times.

Beyonce performing on stage
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Her performance at Coachella was another way that the star managed to take advantage of the fanfare around her in several ways. Not only did she get paid for her legendary performance, she also directed a documentary version of the performance which eventually premiered on Netflix.

The documentary, titled "Homecoming," was part of a $60 million deal that Netflix had signed with her. Beyoncé knows how to leverage her talents to make money in everything that she does. It's part of her success story.


Currently, reports suggest that the singer's net worth is roughly $400 million. What's more, her husband rapper Jay-Z actually has a net worth of $1 billion, which makes them one of the most financially successful couples in the entire music industry.

The two clearly know how to make money, and that's true both in their music and in everything else that they choose to pursue. Fame and success are great, but so is an ability to know how much you're worth.

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