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Kate Beckinsale Gushes Over Her 'Incredibly Hot' 73-Year-Old Mom

By Gary Trock

Kate Beckinsale definitely isn't joking about getting it from her mama, because the actress' mother is simply stunning! The "Underworld" star shared a fun exchange with her mother this week, in which she was able to experience a "first," even after all these years! Taking to Instagram, Beckinsale posted a text message conversation she was having with her mother, who happens to be British actress, Judy Loe.

"There’s a lot of horrible shit in the world. But my mum is nearly 73 and just got her first beanie BYE," she captioned the message.

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Her First!

@katebeckinsale / Instagram

In Beckinsale's photo, her mom can be seen modeling a snow-white beanie in an adorable winter shot. Judy complimented her new headwear with a maroon scarf.

"Oh my God you're literally the cutest ever person," Beckinsale wrote. She added, "Ma you look so adorbs I'm dying."

Also, pretty fun to point out that Beckinsale has her mom listed as "Jude" in her phone.

Fans were floored by how amazing the "Van Helsing" star's mother looked and literally flooded her Instagram with praise for Jude.

@katebeckinsale / Instagram

"What an absolute beauty! Hope for us all. I’m 39 and 3/4 and I recently had my first suppository. Hurrah for firsts!" one fan awkwardly commented. Beckinsale actually replied to the fan, letting her know "we need to celebrate this properly."

"Soo adorable. She’s stunning. Just like you," another fan commented.

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson even got in on the action, telling commenting, "Positively hot. No disrespect to Roy."

Roy Battersby is Beckinsale's step-father, whom her mother married in 1997. The star's father, Richard Beckinsale, died at 31 years old of a massive heart attack. She was 6 years old at the time.

Honoring Her Father


Kate Beckinsale is extremely close with her mother, who has attended many of her milestone events and movie premieres. Remembering Beckinsale's father has also been important to the star, and in 2013 she traveled with her mother and sister to College House Junior School in Chilwell, Nottinghamshire. The "Underworld" star helped dedicate a plaque for her father, as the actor attended the school in the 1950s. She also took a few moments to speak to the crowd and was consoled by her mother and then-husband, Len Wiseman.

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