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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Not Getting Along

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By kenadijiba

The Queen must be going insane inside that castle after all that’s happened with her seemingly perfect family these last few weeks. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s very public choice to take refuge in the United States was made public on Instagram of all places, and the Queen feels disrespected. Not only has this mix up over Harry and Meghan caused a stir, but accusations of Prince William cheating on Kate have been up in the air for a while as well. It has also been rumored that Meghan doesn't specifically get along with Kate. It would not be surprising considering how polar opposite they are. With Meghan presenting as a more confident, exertive, and no nonsense personality, and Kate as a quiet, respectful one there obviously has to be some sort of rift between the two.

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Once Meghan Markle was brought into the picture the picturesque fairytale of Windsor Castle dwindled slowly but surely. Especially from the American point of view. The bluntness that has been heightened because of the need to raise her and Harry's child Archie in a healthy environment, caused some disruption in the royal family. The unsuspected choice to move out of the U.K. to the United States was an even harder blow. How the Queen will handle this is still up for speculation. But, it was rumored she has harsh feelings toward Meghan Markle and what she is inadvertently doing to the respectability of the monarchy.

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A favorite of the Queens has to be Kate Middleton. From the jump, Kate was everything the country wanted for Prince William. She was beautiful and poised with a decent background as well as a readiness to be a part of that perfect imagery that is the royal family. She would learn how to be the supportive accessory to Prince Williams when his future rule as King begins, and the family has been delighted at her marriage to him. As for the sentiments for when Harry made the choice to marry Meghan who was far from this contained image that Kate so proudly upholds, many were upset. She was an L.A. girl through and through. Her heritage was half black, and she did not fit the status quo. Even if you take time to dissect the royal engagement interviews between Kate and William, and Harry with Meghan it is night and day. Harry looked to be so in love and taken by Meghan. William seemed scared and overly anxious. So, to imagine those various personalities surrounded by each other in a casual way is a recipe for disaster.

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As for the relationship between these two women, it seems cold and forced. In public events, they look like they are putting on a show that not even they can convince themselves is authentic. With Kate's approach to handling the media and its criticism she doesn't look like she would cosign on the way Harry and Meghan take on theirs. When a magazine was brazenly racist against his soon to be wife, Harry took action and was visually disgusted by such a scenario when being interviewed. With William and Kate they kind of roll over and accept the comments that come their way. They are old school in the process of handling such issues, and Harry with the influence of Meghan is not. So, it is unknown if this royal mess is coming to a conclusion anytime soon but what is for sure now is that Windsor Castle will never be the same.

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