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Will Smith Was Jealous of Jada’s Relationship With Tupac

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By kenadijiba

Yesterday on the incredibly popular morning show “The Breakfast Club” hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence made an appearance to promote the 3rd installment of the massively successful film Bad Boys. The star power keeps growing in terms of what guests come through “ The Breakfast Club” but what is clear to the audience who listen everyday is the hosts wont let any guest off the hook when it comes to asking those juicy questions. Especially when you talk about the infamous interviewer Charlamagne. His ruthless and blunt delivery is what has propelled this show to unforeseeable heights. People love to hate him and his being notorious won't stop anytime soon. So, even if someone is hailed as a mega-celebrity they will be humbled really quick by the questions hurled at them.

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Although the interview was pretty tame and motivation inciting due to Will Smith’s overbearing charm, and Lawrence’s preserved aura Charlamagne still came in hot with those questions. Off the rip, only a few minutes in Charlamagne asked about the pay disparity between Martin and Will. How Martin was allegedly paid 5 million dollars, and Will 15 million. In classic Smith style he shut the question down comedically and said “ How are you going to start off with something like that”, “ Are you finished or are you done” was Will’s response. Charlemagne strategically knows when to back down and shift the conversation in a true journalistic style. When the interview was close to being over they brought up the legend “Tupac Shakur” and what ensued after that was an eye-opening moment.


Will Smith taking a leap from the sparkly, clean-cut version of himself let out a few epithets when answering Charlemagne's curious question. “ Were you ever jealous of the relationship between Jada and Tupac”. Will took a long breath and said “ Fuck yeah”. “ I was very jealous”. The relationship from Will’s perspective was so profound and the love they shared was out of this world. Growing up together they shared experiences that Jada and Will did not. They also by the time Will entered the picture were reaching an adolescent young adult age where they could if they had desired turned things sexual. But, confirmed by Will himself Jada and Tupac did not have sex. Will felt like in comparison to Tupac he was some goofy rapper off “ Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, and Tupac was a legend. He also said that when Tupac died he regretted not speaking to him more, and saw a lot in common between himself and Tupac. After the interview was over fans were so invested they did not want it to end, especially by the reaction left in thousands of comments. Overall Will and Martin answered some hefty questions that left us all wondering more about their iconic pasts.

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