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Ariel Winter Goes from Silly to Sexy During Impromptu Photo Shoot

@arielwinter / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Ariel Winter tried her hardest to pull off a goofy face, but even when the "Modern Family" star is serving up a silly attitude she still manages to appear utterly amazing. The 21-year-old actress shared a couple of candid photos Tuesday afternoon on her Instagram, which apparently took a bit longer to get than initially expected.

In the first photo, Winter tried to distort her face into a disgusting snarl, however, she still looked pretty adorable as her hair fell over her face in just the right way.

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Take 2

@arielwinter / Instagram

"me being annoying while being told to pose for a glam pic vs me finally deciding to just smile and get it over with after 20 mins of taking photos," the "Modern Family" star captioned her pics.

The second photo was obviously the money shot, as she gave a subtle smile and flashed her big brown eyes. The lighting was perfect too -- except for the iPhone shadow on her chest -- however, her face was hit with perfect lighting that gave the star a gentle glow.

It's Britney, B---h

@arielwinter / Instagram

The young star has been feeling herself lately as the new year kicks off, and has been sharing a ton of fun and spicy moments with fans as the final season of "Modern Family" comes to a close.

Most recently, Winter put on a twerk show for fans while wearing an extremely sexy business suit that gave off some major Britney Spears vibes.

"business at 9, @britneyspears music video at 5," she captioned multiple shots of herself squatting down and posing out on her hotel's balcony.

Intergalactic Competition?


Even though Ariel Winter has been serving up some killer looks lately, there's still one being she's insanely jealous of.

"Felt cute today ☺️🐰 NOT as cute as baby yoda but that’s okay because that amount of cute is UNOBTAINABLE," the star recently shared on Instagram while showing off some photos.

Making a realistic observation, Winter paid tribute to the breakout star of Disney's "The Mandalorian." Even though the character is technically called "The Child," he has been anointed as Baby Yoda ... and we're all ok with that.

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