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Donald Trump and his Wife Melania Set Social Media on Fire after Latest Televised Appearance

Gettyimages | Mark Wilson
By Ben Robinson III

As we all collectively come to the possible end of #45's presidency hopefully we can all let out a sigh of relief while watching him pack his belongings after being told "You're Fired" by the American public. Unfortunately, there's still a lot of time remaining in the year as we're a little over 12 months away from that blessed day. But even if we become released from his tyrannical grip his wife Melania will still have to continue putting up with him even after they exit the White House.

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At this point anyone with eyes can tell that Melania has never been 100% into her husband being the current seat filler at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In fact, she was so disinterested for the job of First Lady that she attempted to commence her reign from the Trump Towers in New York City. But eventually, according to the New York Times, reality set in and she knew it was time to relocate to begin her duties as First Lady by her husband's side.


For the first time since President Trump was inaugurated, his wife is living full time in the White House. She and the couple’s 11-year-old son, Barron, left Trump Tower in Manhattan behind over the weekend, a transition that the first lady announced on her husband’s favorite medium, Twitter, after it was completed. “Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home! #Movingday,” Mrs. Trump wrote in her 8:30 p.m. post on Sunday, accompanied by a photo of the view of the South Lawn from the White House’s second-floor residence.

Fast forward a few years later and FLOTUS is still locked inside the nightmare of being First Lady to a man who polarizes American citizens on a daily basis. Even in an attempt at appearing down to earth both Trump and Melania attended Monday night's College Football Championship in New Orleans, appearing on the screens of millions of Americans who merely came for football and nothing else. However, according to Pop Culture, there was one moment during the National Anthem that has many people siding with the long-suffering Mrs. Trump once again.

Of course the moment was overshadowed by the Louisiana State Tigers win over the Clemson Tigers, yet it did not go unnoticed. Over on Twitter users were quick to side with Melania with one person writing "I don't blame her for not wanting to even touch that slimy claw Trump calls hands." with another person adding "His own wife, @FLOTUS, can’t stand him. #criminalinchief #DumpTrump2020". It appears that anxiety and annoyance are still very much a part of the American consciousness. But one thing's for sure; we don't have to stand next to him like his wife does. Let's all count our blessings for that.

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