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'Extreme Love' Is About To Be Your New Guilty Pleasure in 2020

WEtv / Youtube
By Ben Robinson III

In this day and age reality television makes absolutely no sense anymore. There are tons of shows to continuously distract us from the real reality taking place outside of our front doors, but honestly that stuff is kinda scary. So what better way to pass the time than by binging on a new show and wondering "What the hell did I just watch?" moments after your brain cells start judging you for wasting their time. And trust and believe, there are tons of shows that make absolutely no sense, yet we can't turn away from them.

Giphy | WE tv

One network that will forever be among the top five to bring you ridiculously delicious program that will cause you to never look away is WEtv. If you've never watched any of their shows, or been contemplating whether or not you should invest the time stop overthinking it because you 100% most certainly should. Because WE tv has brought so many joyous shows into our lives like Braxton Family Values, Growing Up Hip Hop (brought to you in both spicy Atlanta and smoky New York flavors) and of curse the show that makes acting like a twelve year old acceptable before exchanging vows; Bridezillas.

So it's safe to say that WE Tv has no problems with throwing on a show that's high on shock value in an attempt to keep their viewers entertained. Well if that's the case then one of their shows, Extreme Love, is certain to provide many facial expression changing moments for its viewers. Because, you see, Extreme Love deals with...well, the extremes of love. That intersection of 'Awww' and 'The Hell?' that's just enough to incite interest without inducing vomit. (Maybe)

If you can make it through that clip then there's an even better episode awaiting you in the form of 80 year old Hattie, a Grandmother whose name should be changed to Stella because she's wasting absolutely no time getting her groove back. Hollywood Life reports;

On the January 17 episode of WE tv’s Extreme Love, the octogenarian makes it clear that she’s ready to get frisky when she heads out on a date in New York City with a much younger man: 33-year-old Sean. And that’s fine by him. Sean confesses in this EXCLUSIVE preview clip, which you can watch above, that this date is fulfilling one of his ultimate “fantasies.”


Sean is soooo into Hattie, and Hattie can't wait for the opportunity to jump the bones of a hot thirty-something dude that wouldn't mind watching her drop it like it's hot. And she's ready.

Dressed in a metallic, off-the-shoulder dress fit for a night at the club, Hattie looks gorgeous with white hair, jewels, and impeccable makeup. She gets straight to it while flirting heavily with Sean. “I miss making love,” she admits, with a smile. “I am as orgasmic as I was in my 40s. And young men want that… I will be very generous,” she tells a blushing Sean, who is listening eagerly as she lists off some dirty things they can do together.

Sounds like a trip to CVS is in order to pick up a few late-night items like condoms and Ben Gay. In any case, they look like a fun couple. Tune into Extreme Love Fridays at 10pm on WE TV.

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