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Liam Hemsworth Happy To Settle Into A 'Normal' Relationship After Miley Split

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By Mario Perez

For years Liam Hemsworth had an on-again-off-again relationship with singer Miley Cyrus. Their decade long relationship lead to them being married in December 2018. Only to call it quits officially around August of last year. Since the break-up, Miley has been involved in some highly publicized flings.

While Liam has seemed to be looking to keeps things a bit low key. At least until recently when it was revealed that he started seeing Aussie model Gabriella Brooks. According to reports Liam is saying this is a breath of fresh air for his life.

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Who Is Gabriella Brooks?

As we mentioned, she is an Aussie model that has been on the modeling scene for a couple of years now. She actually held a pretty long relationship of her own. She actually dated 1975 frontman Matthew Healy for four years.

According to reports, she called it quits on that relationship last fall as well. Around the same time that Liam and Miley where going their separate ways. Other than that she has really been able to keep her personal life from the public eye.

Meeting The Family


Just this past October Hemsworth was seen flitting around with Australian actress Madison Brown. That relationship apparently did not blossom into much. Yet, this situation seems to be quite different. Hemsworth has already publically confirmed his romance with Brooks. Although those pictures at the beach where confirmation enough for some.

On a more serious note, he has actually already introduced her to his parents and presumably other family members including his brother the god of thunder himself. Indicating that this potentially is something a lot more serious.

What's Miley Been Up To?

Miley has been quite active in both her romantic and professional life. Since her split from Hemsworth. She has had highly publicized romances with Kaitlynn Carter and current boyfriend Cody Simpson. Although the Carter situation was kind of odd all around. As she is actually back with her former lover.

Leading a lot of people to believe that this fling was more of a weekend trend than anything else. Miley herself has talked about not being bothered by her highly publicized lifestyle. Saying that she won't confine to Netflix and Chill as her only date night option.

Liam's Professional Life


As far as Liam's professional life goes he is still trying to break out of that type of casting as the hot guy for teen movies. Like his recurring role in The Hunger Games, franchise. He is set to star alongside Vince Vaughn in a movie called Arkansas. The movie is said to be a drug drama that sees Hemsworth's character involve himself with notorious drug lords. It seems that things are shaping up relatively well in 2020 for the younger Hemsworth.

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