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'Teen Mom' Star Chelsea Houska Shares Cute Photo With Her Kids At 'Paw Patrol Live'

Gettyimages | Jeff Bottari
By Clark Sparky

Chelsea Houska enjoyed a fun night out with her two youngest kids on Monday as she attended Paw Patrol Live with her 2-year-old son Watson and 1-year-old daughter Layne. The "Teen Mom 2" star posted a photo to Instagram of three in all smiles.

"Paw Patrol Live....we tried bribing Aubree to come with us, but that was a hard no," she wrote, joking about her 10-year-old daughter not being interested in seeing Paw Patrol.

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"Lol, I tried to bribe my teen boys to come to Frozen 2 with their sister and I...that wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t willing to pay enough lol!" one fan joked in response.

"Could you be anymore perfect?! You’re such an amazing person keep it up!" another said.

"That age change of when they no longer want todo certain things is a hard one. my youngest is 5 my oldest is 15 I feel the pain on this!" someone else replied.

"My daughter loved paw patrol live. I’m sure your cuties did as well!!" said one fan.

Fellow "Teen Mom" star Kailyn Lowry commented, "I’ll be there on the double," in reference to a line the characters from the show often say.

As points out, the two have always been close but lately have spent less time together.

"I think people look wayyy too much into it!" Houska wrote on Twitter about them not being spotted together as often anymore. "I used to go out and be social during reunions and now I tend to stay in and keep to myself! I still love these ladies ... I've just become a hermit [laughing out loud]."

While some have ruminated that Housak might be leaving the MTV show soon due to anxiety issues, she told the "Don't Tell Mom" podcast in November that she has no plans to do so.

"I feel like we would eventually get... I don't feel it now... but I've been through ups and downs, where I'm like 'Can I keep doing this? Is this healthy for my mental state?'" Houska said. "You go back and forth."

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