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Jennifer Lopez on stage

Jennifer Lopez Trading Hollywood For Italy?

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Sarah Veldman

Jennifer Lopez' career has been on an upward trajectory for decades after she first burst onto the scene as "Jenny From The Block."

The stunning, triple-threat, singer, actress and dancer made a name for herself in the film industry with a number of romantic comedies (we'll forget about Gigli for everyone's sake) but her recent movie Hustlers takes her to a whole other level.

The film has so far grossed $157 million, and despite Lopez and the movie being snubbed for an Oscar this season, it's widely considered to be a hit.

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Jennifer Lopez Dreams Of A Quieter Life In Italy

Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globes
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Despite all the recent success, it appears Lopez still has dreams of a quieter life, as she recently told Vanity Fair, saying, "I would love to live somewhere other than the United States, in a small town in Italy, or on the other side of the world, in Bali."

Well, who can blame her? It's a romantic image; dropping everything to run off to Italy, bike around the vineyards, eat pasta and drink wine all day, sounds like an absolute dream. And, with Lopez's finances, it's a completely possible dream.

Would A Life In Italy Really Work For Her?


Asked about what she still wanted to tick off her bucket list, the Hustlers actress said, "Find another life where it’s a little bit more simple and organic, where I get to ride a bike, and buy bread, and put it in my basket, and then go home and put jelly on it, and just eat and paint, or sit in a rocking chair where there was a beautiful view of an olive tree or an oak tree and I could just smell. I have fantasies like that."

Well, that definitely sounds like living the dream, but I imagine such a busy woman would find that life nice for about a week before she went stir-crazy.

She Claims Her Real Passion Is In Acting

Jennifer Lopez in her famous dress
Gettyimages | Vittorio Zunino Celotto

Despite a highly successful singing and dancing career, Lopez surprisingly claims that her real passion is in acting.

She confessed to the publication, "Yes, for sure. I would say dancing and music are my first loves, but acting is the love of my life. You have your first love and the love of your life, and acting is the love of my life. I feel like every time I take on a role, it is only about becoming somebody that I’m not."

She'll Be Headlining The Super Bowl With Shakira

Giphy | American Idol

Lopez will be headlining the Super Bowl in February with Shakira and spoke about the fact that it's a great moment for Latina women.

She said, "It’s a perfect moment in my life, honestly, but it’s also a great time for Latina women to take the stage at the biggest all-American event, with everything that’s going on in the country right now."

Despite the Oscars snub, Lopez appears to be in good spirits, not letting it bring her down at all. Catch her headlining the Super Bowl next month!

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