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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Harry and Meghan May Have Won The Short Term, But Will They Regret Their Decision In The Long Run?

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By Sarah Veldman

They've made the decision to step back as 'senior royals,' and forge their own path, becoming "financially independent" and carving out a "progressive" role for themselves in the world; what any of that means in detail we will have to wait and see.

However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to basically quit their jobs as part of the royal family will see repercussions for the couple far and wide. It's not exactly the same as giving your two weeks notice at a normal job.

The whole thing is fraught with family drama and emotionally charged. For Harry, he is not just quitting a job but will be separating from his family unit, including his brother Prince William whom he was once so close to.

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The Divide Between Prince William and Harry Will Only Grow Deeper

Prince William and Prince Harry
Gettyimages | Karwai Tang

With the Sussexes now set for a move to Canada, the growing rift between Princes William and Harry can only get deeper.

Their feud seemed to start right around the time Meghan came on the scene, and it was rumored that Prince William expressed his doubts to Prince Harry about the actress turned royal bride. Supposedly Harry went ballistic, as he is known for his hot-headed temper.

Since then, they've been at odds, both forging very different paths that seem to go farther and farther away from each other, with Harry confirming this in an interview during his African tour documentary.

Now, The Sun has reported that the brothers had a furious fight last summer before a polo match in which both their families attended, despite the appearance of a happy day out.

The publication reported that William had accused Harry of "changing" and "speaking rudely to staff."

However, with all the damage that has been done, and Harry now choosing to leave the U.K., will he ever repair the relationship with his brother?

Will Meghan and Harry Find Themselves Alone?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with her mother Doria Ragland
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After the almighty feud that sprang up between Meghan and her extended family, the actress invited only her mother to her wedding to Prince Harry. Her father later pulled out, not able to walk his daughter down the aisle, after undergoing heart surgery. However, this was after he staged paparazzi photos.

The rest of Meghan's family have been very vocal in the press, especially her half-sister Samantha Markle.

Meghan has also left many friends behind, with many claiming the former Suits actress will immediately move on from relationships that aren't of use to her anymore.

Now, Harry and Meghan have pulled apart from the royal family. Will alienating everyone around them be something they regret in the future?

Is Meghan The Influence Behind The Big Decision?

Giphy | Suits

Prince Harry went from one of the most liked and respected members of the royal family, to one of the most hated, with many of the things he says now eliciting eye rolls from anyone who listens.

His attitude went from that of a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky guy's guy, to the "Prince of Woke," making comments about the environment while stepping off a private jet on vacation.

Meghan has clearly had a massive influence on Harry, but how much of the decision to quit the royals is down to her, and how much is down to Harry finally having an excuse to leave his position?

We will never really know for certain, but many have speculated that Meghan was the one to push for the change.

Will They Live To Regret This Decision?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

While many have said the couple will make loads of money off their name, and have the freedom to do more if they step down as 'senior royals,' what will happen to them in the future is anyone's guess.

They may see freedom now, but Prince Harry has never gone without a team of palace advisers and people to help him make bigger PR decisions.

Not only that, but he'll be alienating himself from a family who has supported him his whole life, something that could bring great sadness to him.

Camilla Tominey wrote in The Daily Telegraph, "He (Harry) tried to reach out to her not only as his Queen but as his grandmother. She, in turn, tried to help in her role as the head of the family, rather than the Commonwealth."

She continued, "Yet the Duke of Sussex is now said to 'regret' the way the 93-year-old monarch was left feeling 'blindsided' by last Wednesday's bombshell statement announcing he and the Duchess planned to step back as senior royals."

So, will the Sussexes (for now) regret their decision in the long run, once the great bright light of freedom fades into reality? Only time will tell.

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