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Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett

Did Jada Pinkett Smith's Friendship With Tupac Shakur Spark Will Smith's Jealous Feelings?

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By Alan Blake

The lovebirds, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, met in 1995 as young actors. Will Smith had just divorced his first love the same year and began to ask Jada out. The stars have a love story that is motivational even to fellow Hollywood stars. However, the power couple has come out to share their struggles and successes in their marriage life. Jada Pinkett had previously been linked to a couple of men even before her 1997 wedding. She openly admits to having a relationship she terms “precious” with the late celebrated rapper Tupac.

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Tupac Shakur
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The Tupac-Pinkett relationship dates back in the 1980s when the duo met in high school. Their passion for theatrics got them bonding quickly. Jada admits that Tupac was way too attractive. She describes him as a “funny looking guy” who “sucked people in” the moment you accorded him some attention. The rapper had, at one time, let out his feelings towards the actress in a poem describing her as a “heart in human form.” The duo had at one time tried on taking the relationship a notch higher but realized their chemistry carried nothing romantic.


Pinkett revealed there was no physical chemistry between them. She laughs off a time she asked the rapper to kiss her and confesses it could be the worst kiss for both of them. According to Daily Mail, Will Smith was jealous about the relationship between the late star and his now-wife. In an interview, he admitted to knowing the link was not romantic, but he could not get his mind off suspecting the two. Smith said the two had grown their friendship to a point he thought a sexual relationship was a “possibility.”

Will Smith
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During an interview with Will Smith, he revealed how uneasy Tupac’s friendship with Jada made him. He agreed that it created tension between him and the rapper, and it’s what prevented the two from getting close, a thing he regrets after the rapper’s death. Jada had asked Smith to make friends with the rapper, although Smith could not face it owing to his deep insecurity. Pinkett had always thought the two would work out well. She described them as being quite similar and tried to convince her husband to strike a friendship with Pac. But Will Smith admits that his ego did not allow him to approach Pac.

Tupac and Jada
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Will Smith regrets his attitude which caused him to never bond with Pac. He recounts how the two would end up together in a room but never exchanged a word. Smith confessed that he could not initiate a conversation with the rapper, and Pac could not speak as well if Smith remained silent. There was always an awkward moment between the two stars. Jada’s pleas to her husband fell a deaf ears. Smith argued that his personality was viewed as soft, contrary to Pac’s. However, he admits his jealousy is his biggest regret. He wishes he could change things to date.

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