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Blac Chyna Responds to Rob Kardashian's Recent Legal Child Custody Claims

Gettyimages | JB Lacroix
By Alyssa McCraw

Life is not a 'Dream' for these two.

The Blast reported last Friday on the then-newest developments in the Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna custody battle for their three-year-old daughter, Dream Kardashian. New documents surfaced claiming that Blac Chyna engaged in frivolous activities (such as long lunches and photoshoot) that impeded the court's deposition process. The only response from Blac Chyna's end as of Friday was from an attorney, but sources close to the model stepped forth on January 13th denying all of the other character-related accusations.

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A quick pre-weekend recap: The documents state that Kardashian is seeking full custody of his daughter and wants Chyna to only have supervised visits with the child. The documents contain further statements accusing Chyna of being an unfit parent, and Rob's sister Khloé Kardashian has been faithful in corroborating his story.

Some alleged behaviors related to Chyna's unfit-mothering are generally related to partying - mostly with alcohol, but her potential involvement with illicit drugs is still a point of accusation.

"Chyna regularly parties hard in her house with Dream present and invites strangers over to join her." - TMZ says this comes straight from said documents. "Rob says she's drunk all the time, and a former employee of Chyna's alleges she spends $600 on alcohol almost daily and can down an entire bottle of Hennessy."

Rob also notes changes in his daughter's behavior after she spends time with her mother. He says that Dream is "developing a potty mouth" and returns to his home in a hygienically-poor condition.

Khloé says she sees certain behavioral changes in the child after spending time with Blac Chyna, saying that Dream seems more aggressive and defensive.

In response to these things, the insiders close to Blac Chyna basically told TMZ that Rob is a liar. "We're told Chyna says she's never done drugs in front of her children and only drinks on occasion, when the kids are not around," the publication said on January 13th. The sources say that "[Chyna] always keeps Dream clean and makes her practice good hygiene."

The insider concluded by saying that Blac Chyna "has more than 100 nice outfits for her at her home," whatever that means.

SIDEBAR: Seriously, is this fact necessary for the courts to know? Will it really assist in weighting a custody decision in her favor?

The unnamed source did not respond to any of the allegations regarding violence. Apparently, Chyna has previously been known for "chasing people with knives and making violent threats."

In May 2019 it was widely publicized that one of Chyna's hairdressers filed a police report after being threatened with a weapon. This was just months after police were dispatched to her home after an alleged conflict with a makeup artist.

We can only hope - for everyone's safety - that the powers-that-be do a thorough investigation of all claims on both sides.

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