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JoBros Impersonate the Iconic Kardashian Purse Fight

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Alyssa McCraw

Our favorite brothers have taken it upon themselves to recreate one of the most pinnacle moments in Kardashian history: The great purse fight of season two.

The TikTok video has Joe Jonas starring as Kim Kardashian and Nick voicing Kourtney but acting as Khloé, if that makes sense. Kevin makes his grand appearance at the end where he also lends his voice to that of either Khloé or Kourtney.

The original purse fight was aired to the world on April 27, 2008.

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Where were you in 2008? Better yet, where were you during the great purse war of 2008? The second season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians' 15th episode is one worth remembering.

In short - Kim was excited to go pick up her new Bentley. Khloé was along for the ride but wasn't having any of it. Every time we hear Khloé say the word "Bentley" in this episode we imagine a mocking Spongebob meme. Kim reaches a boiling point in her anger over the mockery and decides her best option is surprise-attacking Khloé with her purse.

watch the full recap here:

This era brought some of the most memorable and iconic moments of the entire series - most notably, the first episode of season three (titled "Free Khloé").

If you can't remember, this is when Khloé went to jail. On the way to drop Khloé off for her sentencing, Kim is nonchalantly taking selfies on her digital camera (2008 was a simpler time). This is when momager Kris steps in: "Kim, will you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister's going to jail."

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris/E

Both of the originally-majorly-involved Kardashian sisters were nothing but supportive of the JoBros' comedic efforts today.

“OMGGGG I love you guys!!!!!” Kim said via Twitter.

"I couldn’t love you guys any more!! Killed it!" - was Khloé's first response on Twitter, followed by a string of everyone's favorite laughing/crying emojis. She quickly followed up by responding to Joe's tweet again, this time sharing a captioned GIF of her being attack by Kim's giant purse.

It's hard to argue that the Kardashians - at least Kim and Khloé - are not great sports.

These two-of-three-original-Kardashian-sisters were not the only celebs to weigh in on the matter. The one we'll mention here is from 37-year-old Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Nick's wife (duh). All she had to say was this: "Gold."

The Jonas Brothers are soon embarking on the final leg of their Happiness Begins world tour, heading overseas to play venues across Europe from the end of January through late February. Their new single "What a Man Gotta Do" is due out on Friday, January 17th.

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