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Lizzo Reveals Contents of Her Famous Tiny Purse

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Alyssa McCraw

Lizzo reminds us that the truth hurts. But the truth about her iconic tiny bag contents is something we've been waiting for since November. And it doesn't hurt.

The teeny-tiny purse, designed by Valentino, was a major red carpet highlight of the 2019 American Music Awards. It's literally one inch in size. Your chapstick couldn't even fit in there.

Or could it?

The entertainer posted a video via Instagram on January 13th where she is hilariously seen pulling objects from a tiny bag in a Mary Poppins-esque way.

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While not the same bag from the AMAs, it's still just a great piece of content.

If you've ever packed a purse (of any size) before then you know the struggle. "I don't think I need this tonight...but what if I do? I should probably throw it in just in case." That's what Lizzo has done in this video and she's basically in our heads.

Some fav bag contents include the lost TV remote, a mini-can of Pringles, and a full bottle of wine.

Other bag-contained items include a pencil (bc what if I have to do Algebra?), a highlighter-yellow long-sleeved gown, and a long black wig.

The narrator of the video should get an honorable mention. The last scene of the video has Lizzo referring to you as Shelby. Shelby, we don't know who you are, but you seem like a queen. Plus you get to hang out with Lizzo so that's pretty cool too.

It wasn't long after the original bag's November debut for the tiny purse to become a viral subject of Twitter.

Giphy | AMAs

Accounts of all kinds got in on the joke. From people to brands, a wide variety of memes surfaced that were all relatable and hilarious. (Some were almost too relatable, but again, the truth hurts.)

The memes juxtaposed photos of Lizzo + said accessory from various angles at the show's press line. Most of the memes tend to dramatize the bag by showing a full-body shot of Lizzo on the left with a zoomed-in take of the purse on the right.

@benyahr | Twitter

Here are some of our favorite meme captions:

"A purse the size of my patience." - via @KinseySchofield

"You could fit all of the money in my bank accounts in Lizzo's purse" - via @EmmittWheatley

"Me bringing all my enthusiasum to work" - via @betches

Check out more fantastic Lizzo-tiny-purse memes here

In conclusion: If Lizzo has enough room in her purse for everything seen in her Insta video, then who's to say that she isn't also hiding the objects of meme speculation?

Something for you to sleep on...

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