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Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid May Preside In Jury Over Harvey Weinstein's Trial

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By Carolyn B.

The Harvey Weinstein case may have just taken another interesting turn. One of the jurors presiding over the proceedings is herself a household name. Actress and model Gigi Hadid was called this morning to appear for jury duty where she was asked if she thought she could be an impartial juror in the Harvey Weinstein trials.

According to reports, Hadid felt confident that she would be able to listen to testimony fairly. Defendants are legally granted the right to an impartial jury.

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Far And Few Between

Harvey Weinstein
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Hadid's confidence in her ability to remain fair and impartial is major. So far, the search to find 12 people who do not have preconceived notions of Weinstein's guilt or innocence has proven to be a difficult task. Out of 120 people called for jury duty, 90 were dismissed by the judge because they did not believe they could remain impartial.

Many of the jurors admitted to having read all of the press coverage of the trial. Others said their own sexual assaults would make it difficult for them to hear the case.


Salma Hayak
Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

This does not mean that Hadid will actually be chosen to sit on the jury for the Harvey Weinstein case. The Ocean's Eight actor may have too many ties to those involved, making the case too personal for her to act as a juror.

Hadid admitted that she has met Weinstein before, though he claims to not remember her. She has also met actor Salma Hayak -- who may be called as a witness -- and is friends with Cara Delevigne, who has made accusations of harassment against Weinstein.

A Rough Start

Harvey Weinstein
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The difficulty of finding an impartial jury is not the only trouble Weinstein and his lawyers have faced in the New York-based trial. Last week, Weinstein was admonished by Judge James Burke for constantly being on his cellphone in the middle of court, asking Weinstein if this was how he wanted to end up in jail.

Weinstein and his lawyers seized on the incident, and have been using it as an excuse to try to have the judge removed the case.

More Trials In The Future

The Hollywood sign
Unsplash | Ahmet Yalçınkaya

This is not the first of Weinstein's trials, nor will it be the last. Late last year, Weinstein settled a case against some of his accusers for $25 million. Weinstein will not be paying any of the settlement money himself, but rather the victims will receive payment through insurance companies covering Weinstein.

Last week, the producer was charged with more counts of rape and other felonies including sexual assault in Los Angeles. Weinstein could face up to 28 years in prison.

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