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Mackenzie McKee poses with Angie Douthit

'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Shares Heart-Breaking Deathbed Video Of Mom Angie: 'The Last Days Of Her Life'

Mackenzie McKee/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Mackenzie McKee has shared a heartbreaking video. It's been just one month since the "Teen Mom OG" star's mother lost her battle with cancer – Angie Douthit died on December 11, 2019.

Earlier today, Mackenzie updated her Instagram. She posted two videos – both as heart-wrenching as each other. They showed Angie in the final days of her life and lying, barely conscious in a hospital bed. Angie had her eyes closed and didn't seem in too much pain as her daughters spoke to her.

You can see the videos here. or just keep scrolling to watch them.

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The House Was 'Paid Off', But Angie Seems Too Sick To Respond

Angie Douthit lies in a hospital bed with her family nearby
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Angie was lying in her hospital gown as her daughters told her what was, at the time, an uplifting piece of news amid all the darkness. Angie's Instagram followers had been donating money – enough to pay off the house. Angie kept her eyes closed, reacting a little, but barely.

A quick swipe to the right showed more family members around Angie. The family told this former marathon-running grandma how loved she was, and you could feel it. Here, Angie was able to smile a little.

Mackenzie Writes A New Message

Mackenzie McKee with her mom and sister
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Mackenzie's videos came with a long and heart-felt caption.

"When writing about Angie, I tend to always lean towards what a giver she was. I have so many stories of how she would give and give and give. She was a PERFECT example of being a cheerful giver. Anytime she would barely make bills, I would remember her saying, 'because of my tithings, I have enough to own a beautiful mansion in heaven,'" Mackenzie wrote.

"She didn’t care much about what she owned here on earth, she wanted to give to others because she knows her ending reward would be amazing and she was pleasing God," she continued.

'I Simply Set Up A Paypal And Asked People To Donate' – And They Did

Mackenzie McKee poses for a photo
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

If anything shows the power of charity, it's what Mackenzie said next.

"All she was worried about when getting sick was leaving my dad with a house payment. Other than her medical bills, that was their only debt," the star said of her parents.

"I simply set up a PayPal and asked people to donate whatever it was they felt like donating. And I know it was because she touched so many lives and always gave the shirt off her back, that everyone came together and not only helped pay their house off, but take care of some medical bills," she added.

Mackenzie also confirmed that the video was taken during the "final days" of her mother's life.

Angie's Lung Cancer Spread Just About Everywhere

Mackenzie McKee and Angie Douthit pose on steps
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Angie's lung cancer diagnosis proved a shock for everyone. Angie had never smoked and she'd been super-fit all her life, even running marathons. The entire family was shaken to the core as Angie's disease developed, spreading to her lungs, liver, and brain.

The final stages of Mackenzie's mother's illness were documented on social media as money was raised for her.

Today's vidoe has clearly moved fans.

"So hard to watch but also so beautiful. Angie was an Angel even before entering Heaven," one fan wrote.

"Just breaks my heart," another said.

Mackenzie has been continuing as best she can without her mom. That said, Mackenzie's life will likely never be the same without Angie.

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