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Demi Lovato’s Unexpected Return to Acting

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By kenadijiba

For millions, Demi Lovato holds a nostalgic place in this generation's hearts. She was part of the Golden Age of Disney. With other mega stars like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and The Sprouse twins emerging from that era. All of these people have made their mark whilst crafting their own paths. For some, it has been a more fluid journey, and for others a lot more rocky. When it comes to Demi her career was chaotic from all sides. Her documentary that aired on Youtube spun a microscopic light on just how out of bounds along with stress-inducing this celebrity lifestyle can be.

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Demi Lovato is definitely considered a fighter. With her transparent nature, she has attracted more fans than ever. Her talent when it comes to singing and acting has left a lot of people coming back time and again. She is a compelling artist with one hell of a life, but now everything seems to have calmed down for her. Especially since she has a new gig on the hit television show “Will and Grace”. No one thought Demi would choose to return to acting before dropping another album but as she proves once again you can't pin her into any hole. Her out of the box character is what keeps her relevant.


With her playing a surrogate on “Will and Grace” it is hard to think she will have enough time to put blood, sweat, and tears into a whole new body of work for an album. With her musical peers like ex-best friend Selena Gomez finally dropping “Rare”, and Justin Bieber released his single “Yummy” this might be a push for Demi to call an uber and find her way to the nearest studio. But, the question begs. Will she be able to connect to the public after being away for so long. The time capsule of “Cool For The Summer”, and “Tell Me You Love Me” are long over. If and when she comes back it would be wise to stay true to her voice, but also modernize it for this decade.


Before everything health should always be the number one priority. Is there a desire for Lovato to make a comeback? For sure, but having a nice moment to analyze what’s happened in your life, spend time with those you love, and reignite your self worth is so critical to maintaining success. With other beloved stars, we have seen what happens when you neglect these things. Mental breakdowns, drug use, and loneliness becomes the day to day and escapism is where sad souls go to hide. Demi admittedly has been there and for her to be so happy right now is what matters entirely. For thousands Lovato's story is an inspirational one. The pain of being so antagonized at a young age, the battle of anorexia and drug use, and having to “be on” all the time when people meet you. This is the conundrum of her life and of celebrity culture that makes people go into a tailspin. So, if Demi can find herself again what is stopping you.

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