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Michael B. Jordan Let This Slip While Talking to Ellen DeGeneres

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By kenadijiba

The Hollywood hunk Michael B. Jordan recently made a stop at Ellen, and he let something slip whilst discussing a sweet prom picture. Many celebrities have faced the same fate as Ellen beholds the casual superpower of getting anyone to admit anything. With those big blue curious eyes how can you not have word vomit when discussing an awkward moment with her. So, in a light-hearted blunder that made Michael B Jordan relatable to the average joe he dropped a bomb on us.


Is there a rule book on having friends with benefits. Why is there a weirdness when someone confronts you on whether that guy you’ve been messing around with for seven months is your boyfriend or just a buddy? Well, maybe Michael can help. When he went on Ellen Michael without any push from her started an awkward conversation about an old “friend” he took to prom. Ellen asked like anyone would “ Was she your girlfriend” and then Michael quizzically doesn't really know how to answer the question. Initially he goes with a strong no, and then that no drifts into a yes. But there was still a level of uncertainty that ended up being pretty entertaining. Of course thousands of women sat and wondered in awe how lucky this mystery woman was to not only be a companion to Michael at prom but also to have had a “relationship” with the charming heartthrob.

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Hopes of this “couple” reuniting are lost due to the fact that she does have a husband. It is interesting to think about how her husband must feel knowing about her having a “friend” like Michael B Jordan, but hey he could be a smoke show too. With all this discussion of past flings it is up in the air whether Jordan has a longtime official girlfriend or is remaining a bachelor for the rest of his 30’s, All that can be said is Michael, please don't pull a Leo and stay a bachelor forever. Those beautiful genes must get the chance to be passed on.

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Depressingly, it could be a bit till Michael decides to close the deal on “the one”. He is too busy hitting the pavement with his very own production company popping out films. Being career driven can be a character flaw when it comes to neglecting other important facets of life, but right now it's proving to benefit Jordan very well with his continued success. Speaking of success, when he made an appearance on “The View” Meghan McCain asked him bluntly whether he would be back as Killmonger in the blockbuster film Black Panther. Obviously those types of details are to be kept lock and key to oneself. So, his response was that he didn't know and even if he did, he wouldn't be able to share such plot-twisting news. All the more this unproblematic A-List actor will continue to thrive, and probably continue to stack up more friends with benefits because it's clear there isn't a shortage of applications.

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