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Antonio Brown Lashes Out At Florida Police In Latest Twitter Rant

Gettyimages | Christian Petersen
By Mario Perez

One of the most bizarre sports stories ever played continues as former All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown took to Twitter once again to voice his disagreement with local law enforcement in Hollywood Florida. Although the tweets are quite vague they apparently suggest the former NFL star was planning to start a youth Football league at a local park. Yet, he was denied permission to do so by local police. Who then allegedly warned him to stay away from the area to avoid trespassing charges.

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If you are not familiar with the situation everything may seem quite strange, right? Antonio claims that the police were the ones in the wrong. Luckily for everyone involved he had a brilliant idea in mind. Tape the conversation and everything that was going on and live stream it on social media. That way everyone could see the injustice that he was being submitted to by the local police. Somehow though when it comes to Antonio Brown people have literally come to expect a total lack of judgment. A word of warning the video includes strong language

After this post saw the light of day AB took to Twitter to voice how he believed that the situation needed to be handled. Literally demanding that the local police set up a meeting with him. So that he could get a chance to voice all of the injustices that have been committed to him by local law enforcement.

Again this is one of those vague tweets that are put out by Antonio regularly. As things start to come together it seems he is not the victim of the situation. As he tries to claim.

The NFL's Say On The Matter

At this point, Antonio is not an active member of the league. Therefore, the league itself is not going to be obligated to make a public statement to address another bizarre issue involving the former player.

A problem could arise if and when a team decides that they want to take a chance on signing him. There is an ongoing legal battle that he is currently facing over rape allegations. Just an issue of this magnitude in itself could get him potentially suspended from the league. Which makes it highly unlikely that he will get resigned any time soon.

What In The World Could Happen Next?


In 2017 Antonio Brown signed an extension with the Pitsburg Steelers that paid him $17 million per year and $19 million guaranteed at signing. He played under that deal for 2 years until the train started to fall off the rails. The reason why these numbers are relevant is because of this next point.

The man is a millionaire who is not going to find a job any time soon. With all of that free time and his notorious lack of judgment, there is no telling what will happen with him next.

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