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Antonio Brown in his sport wear, looks amazing.

Antonio Brown Takes To Twitter To Rant At The Police

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Antonio Brown has shown to the world that he does not intend to keep quiet about his feelings from now on. He is showing no signs of giving up his quest and it seems like Twitter will be on fire for the next couple of days. The athlete has it in for the police and he is airing his thoughts on social media so that other people can relate.

There have been situations in the past where celebrities called out the police force for their misdemeanors.

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Brown's social media rant began on Friday when he revealed what the Florida police did to him. According to the athlete, he approached them to report an alleged incident, but they would not budge. Brown revealed that the supposed incident took place in a local environment. He also went on to say that the police went as far as mistreating him instead of helping him.

"Hollywood police and I need a meeting unless I'm going to show their track record of my injustice consistently." Brown tweeted.

Antonio Brown on the pitch giving one of his team members a handshake.
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In another tweet, Brown explained in detail what the police did to him that made him angry.

"I canceled my 7 on 7 league for the kids at the Hollywood pal park then returned my check to me on video at the park while telling me if I come back, it's trespassing." Brown said.

Many Twitter fans were in full support of Antonio Brown as they also revealed the bad experiences they had with the Florida police. Some of them even threatened to expose these ills if the police does not rescind their ways.


"The police need to meet with me as soon as possible, or else I will expose how poorly they have handled my rape allegations." A fan said.

Other fans took to the comment section of Brown's tweet to talk about their views on the cops and how they wished that they were doing better.

Many celebrities in the past have had issues with the way the police handles cases, especially when they are in dire need. But it seems like this is going to be an ongoing occurrence.

Antonio Brown is captured on camera giving one of his team members a hug before a great game and the sight is amazing.
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Aside from airing his emotions on police, many seem to believe that Brown has had it in for the police for a long time. This is because the athlete has not had a great history with the cops in the past and it seems like it is getting worse with time.

Last month, a video of Brown in an altercation with the cops was revealed on social media. Brown's ex, Chelsie Kyriss brought some cops to the house to take out some of the children's clothes from the house. Brown was annoyed because his ex did not want to let go of his car and this turned into a brawl between him and the police.

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