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Britney Spears on stage

Britney Spears' Bikini Yoga Video Sparks Worry Over 'Empty-Looking' Eyes

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Britney Spears has sparked a small wave of concern. The pop icon wrapped up the weekend by taking to Instagram with a bikini-clad yoga video – Britney made it clear that her 2020 resolution was to do more "acro yoga," with the 38-year-old appearing to stick to her guns.

Britney's video last night showed her fit body getting a good workout outdoors. The "Toxic" singer was showing her frame off in a super-tiny blue bikini and stretching herself in every way possible.

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Camera Stays Zoomed Out, But Fans Zero In

Britney Spears stretches in a bikini
Britney Spears/Instagram

Over 4,800 comments were left to Britney's video by the time the sun rose on Monday. The most prevalent comment seemed to be a query – why did Britney delete and repost her video three times. The question was asked over and over.

"You're gonna repost this how many times, queen?" one fan wrote.

"Did she repost this three times?" another said.

Replies going down this route didn't seem to show much concern: "Did you just post and repost this three times? Queen of take down and repost," a fan said.

That 'Empty' Eyes Comment

Britney Spears poses in a snakeskin bikini
Britney Spears/Instagram

Comments pertaining to the singer's mental health will sometimes manifest. Sometimes, they sink to the bottom of the comments section, sometimes they don't.

A reply receiving likes seemed to see one user concerned for the "Slave 4 U" star.

"Anyone else worries about the empty look in her eyes sometimes? I miss the glow," they wrote.

Fans might well argue that with the camera so far out, Spears' eyes were barely visible in this video. Nonetheless, other fans replied in agreement.

"Ever since she snapped...her eyes have been empty" was one response.

"It's probably medication," another said.

'Take Care Of Yourself'

Britney Spears poses in lingerie, takes a selfie
Britney Spears/Instagram

Nobody seemed to be slamming Britney. The star's fanbase is one of the most dedicated around – if anyone 100% cares, it's the Britney fan.

A somewhat-cryptic message came in.

"Britney, I think you need heart. Take it for granted and you might go down. Take care of yourself every now and then, selfishly even," the comment read.

"It's ok that you frighten me brittany, I still love you," another fan wrote – this user did get ripped apart for not spelling the star's name correctly.

Eyes Have Sparked Concern In The Past, But Most Fans Feel She's Doing Great

Britney Spears poses at a premiere
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

Britney's eyes sparked concern back in August 2019. The singer had posted a rare snap of herself with sons Sean and Jayden during a trip to Disneyland. Britney has revealed that she suffers from bipolar disorder. The singer was hospitalized in a mental health facility last year, but most fans feel that she's proven stable, happy, and healthy since her release.

Britney does, however, continue to make headlines for her conservatorship, with the #FreeBritney movement still going strong.

No worries on the physical front, though. This star looks absolutely sensational in a bikini.

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