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Dave Bautista Has Fans Divided After Taking Aim At Donald Trump On Social Media

Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg
By Clark Sparky

Former WWE superstar and Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista has never hidden the fact that he is not a fan of President Trump, and he once again made that clear with a tweet over the weekend.

"Dear God, I never ask you for shit! I’m begging! Please God! Please let there be a debate between @SenSanders and @realDonaldTrump !Please!!Please let President Dumb-Dumb stand there by himself and be exposed and humiliated by a decent man!...I’ll settle for an impeachment," he wrote.

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People for Bernie quickly replied, "Working on it."

"Regardless of your feelings and thoughts, to openly resort to name calling at anyone, especially the POTUS. No matter who they are, shows your true intelligence, or lack there of. I used to be a fan. No more, unfollowed," one person commented.

"It's not going to work that way. Trump’s supporters will never concede anything. Bernie could deliver the best speech of his career and Trump could collapse in tears and shit himself. They’d still say “[laughing out loud] crazy Bernie lost!' And then maybe add something anti-Semitic," another wrote.

"A debate between these two is one of our ruling class's greatest fears. They do not want a legitimate airing of economic issues. They've already implanted an idea of socialism in the public's mind that they do not want disturbed. It will be a miracle if it ever happens," a third follower said.

"We all know why Bautisa is running his mouth because he's just like Flair all he cares about money he turned his back on the wwe fans years ago somebody's mad because he's not getting paid that much anymore for making movies," someone else theorized.

Bautista previously bashed Trump on Instagram in October during the World Series. Trump attending a game at Nationals Park in D.C., and was booed by the crowd.

"What a d—! Props to [DC] for booing that scumbag out of the building," Bautista wrote. "Please leave our city dumb-dumb! [DCPride] [DreamChaser] ... and just to be clear about what’s happening here, people were cheering and clapping for members of our armed forces who were in attendance. And then they put whats his face on the screen and the boos rolled in, followed by the 'lock him up' chants. Yes MAGA Morons! That s— happened!"

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