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Chelsea Handler at an event

Chelsea Handlers' 'Naked' Beach Run In Kim Kardashian's Body Tape Already Dubbed Epic By Instagram

Gettyimages | Tara Ziemba
By Rebecca Cukier

Kim Kardashian now has one more celebrity face she can rely on – not just for showcasing the benefits of her 2019-launched SKIMS shapewear brand, but for ensuring a good dose of humor accompanies the promo.

Chelsea Handler took to Instagram this weekend with a hilarious video of herself enjoying a beach run. As the 44-year-old comedian and TV host outlined in her caption, she'd "always wanted" to run nude on the beach. All strapped up with SKIMS body tape (but definitely spilling out of it), it looks like the 44-year-old achieved her life-long goal.

You can see the video here.

A Pair Of Scultping Shorts Down Below, Tape Up Top

Chelsea Handler runs on the beach in SKIMS tape and shapewear
Chelsea Handler/Instagram

The video showed Chelsea filmed in slow-motion and running along beach sands. Chelsea was minimally clothed, wearing only a pair of SKIMS' sculpting shorts, with the rest of her strapped up via the shapewear brand's body tape.

Chelsea may have had her modesty protected by the tape, but it was a job half done. The blonde was putting on a massive cleavage display as she jogged, also showing signs of having applied some tape to her crotch.

"I've always wanted to run on a beach naked, and now with @skims, I finally can. Thank you @kimkardashian," she wrote.

Instagram Is Crying With Laughter, Kim Personally Comments

Giphy | E!

Instagram literally fell of its chair watching the video. At least, that's what the comments are pointing towards.

"This is epic," one fan wrote.

"Thanks for making me actually laugh out loud!!!" another said.

Other users seemed to have honed in on the crotch tape.

"What's that little patch/pocket thingy in the crotch?" one fan wrote.

Kim Kardashian herself swooped into the comments section – the SKIMS founder seemed to find the whole thing beyond hilarious.

"Crying!!!!! The tape over the vag is the best part!" Kim replied.

Neat Promo For Kim – The Brand Is Doing Insanely Well

Kim Kardashian takes a selfie in SKIMS clothing
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

There's nothing like a little celeb promo. Find yourself a celebrity who's ready to throw in humor, and your product basically sells itself.

Kim has already been using some celebrity faces to help promote SKIMS, but the brand's success is likely down to the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star's savvy business sense – still, Lisa Rinna, Zoey Deutch, and Ashley Graham all wearing SKIMS hasn't hurt.

SKIMS is reported to have netted Kim $2 million in minutes as it launched last year.

Kim Never Runs Out Of Ways To Promote It

Kim Kardashian by her fridge
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

In November 2019, Kim zero'd in on promoting the SKIMS body tape by volunteering a model demo of the product's "boob-lifting" benefits. The star was seen strapping the tape to a model as she outlined its benefits, also using her own prior wardrobe mishaps to showcase why the tape is a necessity.

A photo of Kim back in 2008 showed the star wearing makeshift tape over her breasts – Kim admitted to using gaffer tape and shipping tape.

"It would burn me and rip me," she said.

Kim likely needs little in the way of help promoting SKIMS. That said, the star is likely grateful that today's video from Chelsea helped spread awareness of the brand.

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