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Mariah Carey's Former Nanny Filing Lawsuit Against The Singer

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By Zachary Holt

Mariah Carey is perhaps one of the most successful musical artists in recent memory with 18 number one hits and five Grammys. Her 'All I Want for Christmas' hit single is a staple every year around the holiday season. Her success in the music industry has propelled her to fame, and accordingly, with quite the amount of wealth.

That wealth has made Carey known for her luxurious spending habits, something that hasn't been necessarily applied to taking care of the people who work for her. Just recently, her former nanny, Maria Burgues, filed a lawsuit with the singer, citing a lack of proper compensation for her services, as well as, receiving abuse and threats. So what exactly is going on here?

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Nanny Accusing Carey's Bodyguard of Abuse and Threatening Behavior

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Carey currently has two children, Monroe and Moroccan, with her former husband, Nick Cannon. The singer had employed Burgues as her nanny to watch the children alongside her while she was on tour; however, Burgues is citing in the lawsuit that she was only paid $25 per hour and wasn't compensated for applicable traveling costs.

The plaintiff in the case is also suing for emotional distress that she experienced at the hand of Carey's children's bodyguard, Marcio Moto. According to the suit, Moto's treatment of Burgues was abrasive and ultimately led her to being fired in April of 2018. The suit specifically claims that amid the abuse, Burgues complained to Carey several times and nothing was done about the matter. Additionally, it's alleged that Moto yelled at her countless times, even threatening her on several occasions.

Burgues' Ultimate Dismissal Stemming from Incident with Carey's Children

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Burgues' dismissal as the nanny for Carey's children is also central to the lawsuit. According to the allegations, Moto was responsible for dangerous incidents that occurred with Carey's children, which ultimately, were blamed on Burgues.

The most egregious of them took place when one of the children walked out of a dance studio unsupervised. As for who was responsible, the suit claims Moto was. The end result, though, was the firing of Burgues.

While this is the most recent incident of financial and legal issues with Carey, it is certainly not the first. In the past, she has dealt with physical and sexual assault accusations at the hands of some of her staff personnel, as well as, the issuance of racial slurs and the payments of low wages to people who have worked for her.

Sexual and Physical Abuse Allegations Against Carey's Former Manager

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At the beginning of the 2019 year, Carey's former personal assistant, Lianna Shakhnazaryan, sued her for the alleged sexual and physical abuse from Carey's former manager, Stella Bulochnikov.

In the lawsuit, it's claimed that Bulochnikov tackled Shakhnazaryan several times, even urinating on her. Additionally, the suit claimed that Bulochinkov yelled racial slurs at Shakhnazaryan for her Armenian heritage.

Carey was not going to let this happen without a fight, though. The pop icon filed a counter-suit alleging that Shakhnazaryan was attempting to extort her for a whopping total of 8 million dollars. The status of the litigation and outcome of the court case is not currently known.

A Disturbing Trend for Carey's Staff Personnel

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It is certainly troubling that Carey has been named in so many legal and financial cases, but the problem seems to be more endemic to the staff that she surrounds herself with and ultimately decides to hire. No such cases have been directly tied to her as a person who has engaged in abusive or racial behavior. Regardless, it may be wise to make smarter hiring decisions in the future, or at least, put to use a good human resources firm to handle any grievances that may occur between employees.

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