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All of Miley's Hot Conquests Since Divorce With Liam

Gettyimages | Presley Ann
By Stephanie Elmir

After the divorce from Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus is living her best life hooking up with Hollywood hotties. There's nothing like a little romance to make the pain of heartbreak die.

Moreover, it's had a positive effect on Cyrus, allowing herself to be defined on her own terms rather than how a loved one or the public views her. Plus it is incredible emotional material for her music, which the world waits on still.

From an EP drop to her love life, here are all her hot hookups.

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Cody Simpson

Gettyimages | Rachel Luna

Fellow singer Cody Simpson was maybe the last person anyone would have thought would end up with Miley Cyrus. Longtime friends turned more than friends, they've been keeping it sexy with cute social media posts of each other.

Cyrus said that they met while both trying healthier habits and working hard on their music, so there's that in common. Moreover, Cyrus expressed that he is her type, an Australian dude with abs who is kind to her. Here's to this one lasting!

Her Music

Giphy | Miley Cyrus

One of Cyrus's hottest hookups was that EP drop of her music "She is Coming" where she finally lands in a comfortable persona she chose for herself. The EP is a feminist love letter to weird and strong ladies everywhere plus LGBTQ+ celebration.

Her last album, "Younger Now" was not her usual feel, not edgy, very commercial, trying too hard to be normal, as if apologizing for her crazy "Bangerz" days.

"She is Coming" is a true celebration of who she is and a great accomplishment musically. Fans can't wait to hear the next album.

Kaitlynn Carter

Gettyimages | Chris Wolf/Star Max

Straight after the Hemsworth divorce announcement, Cyrus was spotted cuddling and kissing Kaitlynn Carter in Italy. The two were bikini-clad by the ocean, living it up and being free. No doubt, Cyrus felt constricted in the amicable Hemsworth split and was ready to let loose again.

No better way to heal from a breakup than a romantic getaway with a beautiful woman. It was probably a great escape from US media and speculation, although they could not escape paparazzi overseas.


Gettyimages | ARMEND NIMANI

Cyrus's hottest hookup by far is the one with herself. She's getting her groove back, investing time and care in herself, seeing new people, and making new music. That's all hardcore Cyrus fans want from her, and they're cheering her on for this self-love journey.

Cyrus has gone on amazing Twitter threads where she asserts her right as a woman to explore her romantic and sexual needs without being chastised for it. Moreover, she's using her voice to help other women in her position.

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