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Mariah Carey's Most Notorious Feuds

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil
By Stephanie Elmir

Mariah Carey is known for her diva attitude, tearing up anyone that stands to take her spotlight. Granted, Carey is incredibly talented and some might say she deserves to treat people the way she does because of how hard she works. However, her enemies would disagree.

Whether it's other singers or colleagues in the music or entertainment industry, Mariah's got a bad rap for alienating anyone else with a strong personality like herself. Here are some of her worst feuds.

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Nicki Minaj

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

American Idol is host to dreaming singers auditioning for the chance of a lifetime, yet somehow Carey's season on the show distracted from that premise. Her and co-judge Nicki Minaj got into ugly spats, yelling at each other constantly.

Apparently, Carey thought Minaj couldn't sing well and didn't deserve to be a judge. At one point, Minaj allegedly threatened to shoot Carey over her criticism. Of course, American Idol viewers ate the drama up, ratings rising just to watch the queens battle.

Whitney Houston


Recently, Carey made a live tribute to the late great Whitney Houston, remembering their good times together as friends. However sweet it was, Houston's actual close friend Bebe Winans set the record straight in an interview.

Carey allegedly ignored Houston when they first met, prompting Houston to grab her hair in rage, then run away before a fight started. This happened when they were both starting out strong in the music industry, so Carey might have felt too strongly about the competition.

Tommy Mattola

Gettyimages | Albert L. Ortega

What was once true love turned into a manipulative marriage between Tommy Mattola and Mariah Carey. Mattola is credited for helping Carey's career soar by providing a platform and great producers for her songs in the beginning.

That all came crashing down, when Carey wanted her freedom from Mattola, feeling like she could not dress or act how she wanted. For many years after, Matolla sought to destroy Carey's career, stealing songs that were meant for her and giving it to his new protegees.

Jennifer Lopez

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

One of Matolla's protegees after the divorce was none other than Jennifer Lopez. Lopez was known for being an excellent dancer with great stage presence but very little ability to sing. Therefore, Matolla used anonymous African-American women's vocals in songs he stole from Mariah Carey and mixed them for JLO.

In an interview where Carey was told Lopez slept eight hours a day while she slept three, Mimi clapped back and said Lopez did not sing her own songs. Tell 'em, Mimi!

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